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Well, this is a change, isn’t it?

Richard Murphy says:
February 9 2021 at 1:47 pm
You might, but that only shows how far to the right and lacking in objectivity you are

I propose what. any a Tory government once supported. You know, things like decent public services and the rule of law when it comes to paying tax. You have a problem with that?

Of course I’ve no problem with the rule of law at all. It’s just that the entire idea of tax avoidance – even tax abuse – now flies out the window. If it’s legal it’s fine – that’s what the rule of law means.

8 thoughts on “Well, this is a change, isn’t it?”

  1. One of the partners at NKVD solicitors asked me about the ‘rule of law’ and I explained to him that the rule of law was what I wanted it to be and not what it was and he said I was very clever and right about everything.

  2. If it’s legal it’s fine – that’s what the rule of law means.

    He of course knows this, because he has applied it in his own defence.

  3. “If it’s legal it’s fine – that’s what the rule of law means.”

    Not strictly speaking, no.

    The Rule of Law means we are all equally under it and beholden to it; and that our betters are not allowed to avoid its jurisdiction.

  4. ‘If it’s legal it’s fine’ – that is what Ritchie says about tax planning by the Guardian, Stemcor and anyone who has paid him for a Fair Tax Mark.

    He takes a very different approach to Google, Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

  5. Murphy is right for a change – the Tories did support decent public services, while Labour supports paying public servants regardless of the quality of the services.

  6. Interesting word, objectivity. We all know what it means. But there about as many meanings as there are people.
    (See – fairness)

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Britain is no longer under the rule of law in any meaningful sense. The powerful can do what they like, and the unpopular will be screwed.

    Take child sex offenses. Jimmy Savile was never even charged with an offense. His estate was still seized by the state. It is open knowledge that David Bowie and Jimmy Page both slept with a 12 year old girl. Neither has been charged or even questioned. But Rolf Harris was framed by the state and sent to prison. The rule seems to be that you can’t be naff, too close to Thatcher or socially conservative.

    Someone stabbed Stephen Lawrence. Some men were tried – and acquitted. But Blair did not like that so he turned MI-5 on them. He leaked to the media. The media smeared some White guys for the crime. The law was changed. Despite no evidence of wrong doing, they were convicted.

    Britain is not Russia, but it is not Britain in the 50s either.

  8. Its all about the doublethink.

    He’s for the rule of law – except when the rule of law gets in the way of what he wants.

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