Well, yes, obviously

The spectre of trans women (as ever, it’s always women) dominating women’s sports

Trans men dominating male sport just isn’t going to happen because of the influence of male puberty upon muscle mass, lung power and so on. Which is why the concern is only one way.

Seriously, if we’re not even going to recognise that then we’re not going to be able to have that necessary conversation about sex, gender and trans rights, are we?

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  1. The spectre of trans women (as ever, it’s always women) . . .

    “Trans women” are always and forever: men.

    The only necessary conversation is to firmly tell these freaks and their Marxist enablers to fuck off.

  2. If You Don't Know Me By Meow

    An excellent piece in The New Republic about the women trying to remove trans girls from sports.

    I think I’ve worked out why trannies are so keen to make the curious point that they’re “valid”.

    It’s because they’re not.

    There’s no such thing as a “trans girl” and there never was. There is only male and female: chromosomes and Shakira’s hips don’t lie.

    Boys who wish they were girls (through Munchausen or otherwise) are not a new thing, and neither are boys who wish they were spaceships, dinosaurs, or the fireman dog from Paw Patrol. Stop me, stop me (oh) stop me…

    we associate motherhood with kindness, not bigotry and cruelty

    Carrie has never met my Mum then. (I know how Julia Sawalha’s character felt in Absolutely Fabulous)

    Alliance Defending Freedom is at the forefront of religious-right groups, who, after losing their war on same-sex marriage, tried to redirect their attack to trans people

    This is, ow you say… bullsheet, non? What actually happened was that, five minutes after gay marriage was imposed on most of the Western world by curiously synchronised fiat, the institutional class hadn’t even finished celebrating its own wokeness before the propaganda campaign suddenly shifted to genderspaz. Just like that, we had always been at war with TERFiania.

    Nobody was worried about “transphobia” (lol) in the ancient, far off, bigoted dark ages of, say, 2007. But slippery slopes are the fever dreams of paranoiac gammon who probably smoke Lambert & Butler and have Jim Davidson’s stand up routines on VHS.

    Still, lady athletes can rest easy Carrie won’t be troubling them in any Olympic categories except maybe darts.

  3. Not even long distance swimming? Don’t know how much testosterone supplements affect fat distribution, but women excel due to this.

  4. . . . and neither are boys who wish they were spaceships, dinosaurs, or the fireman dog from Paw Patrol. Stop me, stop me (oh) stop me…

    Sorry, this will drag on and on:

    Man, 30, who wants to ‘be 100% dragon’ reveals he’s had his tongue split, eyeballs tattooed and HORNS inserted into his forehead in $20,000 quest to transform his body

    “I felt like I was becoming the person I was meant to be.”

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Remember Dennis Avner who wanted to be a tiger. I guess these days we would be forced to call him by his trans-name Stalking Cat. Although why he has an Indian (feather) name when tigers live in India (dot) I do not know.

    Anyway to cut a long story short, in the end the person he felt he should be was dead.

  6. That’s – to my mind at least – part of the PR campaign to get Uncle Sam to fund some rare earth projects in the US. It’s been going on for a decade now…..

  7. @Rob – February 20, 2021 at 8:55 am

    As that involves a colossal amount of running uphill, where body weight is crucial, if any race favoured women over men it would be that.

    It makes little difference when gravity is working in their favour instead… The World Alpine Skiing Championships are on at at the moment and the “Team Parallel Slalom” is the only event where men and women compete over the same course – the men are some 8 – 10% quicker than the women, and that’s on a short, relatively undemanding piste.

    Make of that as you will.

  8. Downhill skiing, I suppose a bit of extra weight might help; Slalom however, it once required some grace to follow a good line, but then it became more a matter of brute strength in elbowing through the gates.

  9. That China article seems excessive.

    The US holds large reserves in all strategic materials.

    Anyway, to restrict the US would require restricting everyone. Metals are fungible. A large industry would quickly exist whereby the US would buy the excess purchases of companies through shell companies.

    You can restrict sales of materials out of a country if the materials are large and you can lean on the banking system etc.

    There’s no way to prevent purchases is high value material into a country.

    That is why Iran’s oil exports can be limited, but they still get uranium.

  10. @If You Don’t Know Me By Meow

    You are the inimitable Steve and I claim my prize.
    That you are inimitable gives it away right away, also the reference to ‘Paw Patrol’ as I know you have kids who were the right age for that a few years ago (so do I) and few others round here reference toddlers’ tv programs.

    Prolly most bloggers on here have never heard of Paw Patrol.

  11. As Bill Burr said, “When women are right, they argue the point. When they’re wrong, they go rogue.”

    I have a theory that woke culture began when someone corrected a woman and said, “Um, no. Actually, you can’t really change your gender. You can only mangle your body parts to make yourself look like another gender.”

    And then, instead of standing corrected and risking the prospect of looking a bit ignorant, that woman said, “How dare you ‘mansplain’ to me and threaten the existence of trans people everywhere!”

    And then a bunch of other women backed her up, because sexism and empathy and shit.

  12. @ Tim
    Ultra long distance running has so few competitors compared to marathons and short runs that the risk of an unpredicted result is greater. Someone has noted than one woman has beaten men in an an ultra-distance and unreasonably extrapolated from that to claim women are better at ultra-distance. Non sequitur!
    Human beings are variable and occasionally you’ll get one who is better than the bigger or older or younger or even male competitor. A couple of decades ago the world’s best 100km/100 mile runner was a 50-year-old man: that doesn’t mean middle-aged men at better than younger ones at ultra-distance; about 60 years ago, when cycling was a means for working men to get to the factory and no Britons even entered the Tour de France, the British cycling champion was a woman named Beryl (I can’t remember her surname just that her husband was the runner-up).
    In 100 mile walking races Sandra Brown now ranks top by number completed because her husband Richard, who holds the record (17) for number of 100 miles races won, has suffered a decline as he has aged. That doesn’t mean women are better at ultra-distance – although the gap between the sexes is narrower than it is for marathon runners or for shorter distances.

  13. @ Rob
    When running uphill, it’s not bodyweight that matters so much as the ratio of bodyweight to leg muscles. Shorter and/or skinnier guys tend to do better than 6′ tall sprinters and discus throwers; I honestly cannot remember being overtaken by women while running uphill, although I suppose it must have happened a few times, the ones who beat me mostly started faster and never needed to overtake or did so on the flat.

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