Won’t work

Ghislaine Maxwell, the British socialite charged with aiding Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse, has offered to renounce her UK and French citizenship in an attempt to secure bail.

The offer to surrender her foreign citizenship is the latest attempt by Maxwell’s lawyers to secure bail for their client. Maxwell, 59, has been denied bail twice, with a judge deeming her to be a flight risk.

Dunno about the French but the British attitude is that whatever you tell J. Foreigner once a Brit you’re always able to come back.

Sorta but not quite exactly.

You can be stripped of UK citizenship but not really give it up.

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  1. “You can be stripped of UK citizenship but not really give it up.”

    I looked into this once and, from aging memory, you can give up UK citizenship but only if you write personally to the Home Secretary saying so. Anything else, including swearing on oath to foreigners, has implicit crossed fingers. As it should.

  2. Seem to recall that David Niven tried to revoke uk citizenship in the 30s and, when he returned in 1940, to enlist in the army, he had to pay income tax before they would let him in

  3. So, arrested and charged in July last year and 7 months later has still not been tried?

    How long do they plan to detain her without trial, presumably while “gathering evidence”?

  4. How long do they plan to detain her without trial, presumably while “gathering evidence”?

    They’re presumably waiting for a gap in the Clintons’ diaries so she can commit suicide.

  5. The process is the punishment. I confess I’m beginning to sympathise, she’s being badly treated even before trial and conviction.

  6. If you want to renounce UK citizenship you can, the forms are on line. It’s expensive though, I did so three years ago and it cost over three hundred quid.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    snag February 24, 2021 at 2:55 pm – “Because, obv, jew.”

    I don’t think this is the winning argument you think it is. Because, well, yeah. Pretty much. Or at least Yeah but no but yeah but.

    Too much blood has flowed over the past 2000 years or so. There are too many wounds that haven’t heal and probably won’t. We have tried, but it is clear it has not worked. So a lot of people hate us. For good reasons even. Some of them. But they hate us.

    You can see this most obviously in America where America has been good to its Jewish communities. And for a while we all got along because Jews were a small minority. But they are not a powerless community now. Now a lot of them are making their dislike of White America obvious. Why Jewish billionaires think it is sensible to make a common cause with people like Farakhan I do not know – but it is likely because they all hate White America.

    We took a lot of refugees. People like Eric Hobsbawm and Ralph Milliband. You would think they would thank Britain. Pevsner did. But most of them did not. Jews have been over-represented in every anti-Western movement I can think of. We have taken a lot of Muslims and they repay us with suicide bombing. I think that is less bad than the Marxism, Freudianism and the Hollywood hate-fest that Jews have given us. Different communities express their dislike in different ways.

    And here we have two Jewish people assaulting dozens of non-Jewish children. While being friends with a lot of interesting and important Jewish people – and Bill Clinton. You know, it is so cliche it is ridiculous. Enough for me to doubt it is true. But after Rotherham it may well be.

    We need to stop taking in people who hate us. Which is pretty much everyone.

  8. Maxwell was a refugee, an orphan whose parents had been murdered by the Nazis. He served in the British army, attaining promotion to Captain. And yet you think “we” should not have allowed him into the UK because either

    a) “we” (ie you) had some remarkable foreknowledge that he would later borrow vast sums from the pension fund of his employees (which by the way wasn’t illegal when he did it, only later after his death), or

    b) He was Jewish.

    Go fuck yourself.

  9. @snag
    “borrow vast sums” – only in the sense that every fraudster merely ‘borrows’ money that isn’t theirs, they all intend to pay it back, probably with interest. Harold Wilson dubbed him the “Bouncing Czech” decades before his final unlucky swim. Was he a crook in 1946? Lots of conmen had distinguished war records, it didn’t make them any less crooks.

    Maxwell’s religion is irrelevant to me, as it presumably was to him.

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