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Woody and Mia

It’s just so difficult to wade through the competing claims. For example, just think what must be true if Woody is the be believed.

A woman finds that her boyfriend actually prefers – and goes off with – her adopted daughter. At which point she coaches and cajoles another of her daughters into making claims of sexual assault.

No, couldn’t happen, non on is that vindictive.

10 thoughts on “Woody and Mia”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Think what must be true if the obviously insane Mia Farrow is to be believed. Soon-yi Previn is now 50. So for 30 something years she has put up with the scorn of her family and society. All of which she could escape – and win the sympathy of all mankind – if she agrees with the allegations. She would be a child sexual assault victim then.

    And she would get all his money. All the benefits of the marriage without having to f*ck a creepy old man.

    But she hasn’t.

    I think they are all f*cked up beyond help no matter how good anti-psychotics we invent. But that doesn’t mean Woody is a criminal. Just creepy.

  2. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, but to add insult to injury by bedding and wifing up her adopted daughter. That’s gotta hurt.

    Woody Allen is a weird and creepy guy. I wouldn’t let him near my kids either, but I can’t see anything more a vindictive mad cunt being vindictive.

  3. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Stanley Kubrick made a film about this, didn’t he. Is this life imitating art or was the film art imitating life?

  4. Plus, another of the kids, who became a psychiatrist (?), has written extensively about how these alleged incidents could never have happened and also about how Ms Farrow coached the family intensively about how they should testify

  5. It doesn’t seem that difficult to me. The claims were extensively investigated by police and specialised child protection agencies. The police found no evidence of any crime, the social workers believed the child was coached.

    Soon-yi didn’t know Allen when she was a child, she has said in an interview that Mia was a vicious bitch and that she initially bonded with Allen because he was the first person in years who had been nice to her.

  6. I’m no fan of Woody Allen or his films, but I remember reading about the abuse allegations and the defence of him by his adopted son;

    If what he says is true, then Woody comes out of it looking (in my eyes) to be a far better person than I expected, almost normal even.

    But sheesh, what a fucked up, dysfunctional family. Mia Farrow sounds like a proper bunny boiler.

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