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You’d better not know what you’re doing

There is a chance to do a PhD in sustainable cost accounting, advertised at Copenhagen Business School today. The details are in these tweets from my friend Prof Len Seabrooke, who will be one of the PhD supervisors.

I will be working on the Time Mirror project for approximately a day a week for four years from June this year and am looking forwar to working with the successful applicant.

Or perhaps you’ll need to. After all, someone will need to bring some reality to the project.

22 thoughts on “You’d better not know what you’re doing”

  1. Sustainable accounting, it’s not real accounting is it? It’s worse than CIMA in the world of chartered accountants.

  2. He’s found some other victims to mug, then?

    And if he’s employed for one day a week we can expect one day a week without all day blogging? LFWC

    He’s not even an honest crook.

  3. I was surprised to learn that people do get PhDs in accounting. I guess sustainable accounting shouldn’t be a surprise, but if we have sustainable accounting do we also have unsustainable accounting and how would that differ from fraud? Is sustainable accounting then just simply an honest and reliable set of books?

  4. The big deals for a new PhD student are (i) the project, and (ii) the Supervisor.

    Now there’s a (iii): the hanger-on.

    Beware young man/trannie/woman. Tread carefully.

  5. Easiest PhD ever. The academics think you want carbon neutrality in each company. You don’t. So there’s no particular accounting necessary in the company itself.

    That leaves you three years in which to find ever more inventive ways to tell Spud to go fuck himself.

  6. Get the PhD while keeping your nose clean, and your sponsors happy..

    Proceed to publish articles/books about how “Sustainable Accounting” does not work.
    You got a PhD in it.. People can hardly say you’re not an expert…

  7. Once interviewed a load of people for accounting jobs, other interviewer and I were respectively CA and ACMA and we both agreed anyone with an accounting degree was clueless and we had no idea what they had been taught over 3 years.

  8. From the Abstract it appears to be a bunch of loons looking to develop a scheme about on par with Joe Biden’s wife’s learned dissertation. At the level that a 15 year old school girl would be ashamed.

  9. Isn’t living life as a black person as anti-racist as you can get, she forwent her white privilege and accepted being treated as a person of colour in a systematically racist society.
    Shouldn’t she be a role model to us all

  10. I look forward to the report on offshore windfarms, on a sustainable CO2 basis. and pollution
    !. Cost of the concrete pour
    2. Cost of tower and blades
    3. Cost including social cost of rare earths from Congo et al
    4. Maintainance including safety of personnel, cost of barges, etc


    or other energy generation.

    Sustainable cost accounting would be interesting if it were done honestly.

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    I sneeze in threes February 12, 2021 at 7:53 pm – “”

    Well I don’t want to be unsympathetic (and more to the point I don’t believe her – who can’t get hired as a hotel maid? At least in Vegas) but I wonder if she has considered porn?

    I mean, I am pretty sure that girl-on-girl remains a cornerstone of the industry and she is down with that, while I am told that inter-racial scenes are the new growth area. And she can do inter-racial just by pleasuring herself!

  12. If Captain Potato takes to folketing around part time, does this mean that he has given up on becoming Lord Thistlarse?

  13. Philip: Since the extraction of rare earths generally leaves thorium as a waste product, this means the poor old Congolese are being polluted with radioactive waste.

    Surely the Greens should all be burned at the stake for that one.

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