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A fairly simple explanation here

Mums are boring. Mums are nags. They spend the first decade of your life screwing shoes on to your reluctant feet and chasing you round the playground with a spreadeagled coat in their hands, like needy bullfighters. After that, they switch into “let’s talk” mode, clipping on a rictus smile and pretending to understand about sexting. Of course mums don’t get the whole transgender thing! Mums are as cautious as cats about anything new, in case it proves dangerous to their young. Which only serves to make the new thing more appealing.

The purpose of being a Mum is to be that intermediate stage toward winning life, being a grandparent.

Mums are therefore likely to be against the cutting knackers thing off as it reduces the chance of grandchildren.

5 thoughts on “A fairly simple explanation here”

  1. Mums are also ‘feelings over reality’ (or rather: my feelings ARE reality).

    Which is right in line with where society is heading.

  2. Mums don’t ‘get’ the ‘transgender thing’ because they naturally wish to protect their offspring from exploitation by mentalists and perverts.

  3. Divorced mums have been known to use their child’s gender dysphoria to score points against the ex-husband.

    “Your hono(u)r, my ex-husband refuses to call our child by his/her preferred pronouns, therefore we demand that he have no more contact and consequently an increase in maintenance payments.”

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