A quite stunning lack of self-awareness

Ngo crosses the line into truly despicable when he downplays the murders of Heather Heyer by white nationalists in Charlottesville and Black teenager Trayvon Martin by vigilante George Zimmerman. Every act of violence by antifa, meanwhile, is described so meticulously and ominously that Herr Goebbels would have been proud.

In no way do I make that allusion flippantly. Maligning the opposition was central to the Nazi strategy, and it is critical to today’s far-right extremists. Ngo’s intention here seems not just to discredit antifa, but to run a diversionary tactic for Patriot Prayer and other groups that are far more dangerous than their leftist counterparts. He calls the Proud Boys a “pro-Trump fraternity,” as if they were just J. Crew-clad beer pong aficionados instead of racist thugs.

Having made the Goebbels comparison I shall now go on to malign the opposition…..

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  1. “the murders of … Black teenager Trayvon Martin by vigilante George Zimmerman”Martin

    WKPD reports ” On July 13, 2013, he was acquitted of all charges in Florida v. George Zimmerman.” So not murder, then.

  2. and classic projection. the key worry seems to be that Andy’s “dangerous” – like he’s the one rioting, burning, looting and beating people up. He’s not, he’s documenting it reportage style.

  3. US murders hit a 30 year low in 2014, particularly good for black Americans, as they are more likely to be murder victims.

    Also in 2014, Black Lives ‘Matter’ decided the police enforcement which led to this drop was the real problem. Since then the murder rate has rocketed. They might not have pulled the trigger, but BLM/Antifa and their supporters in politics and the media have blood on their hands.

    But yeah, Trayvon Martin. Whatever.

  4. he downplays the murders of Heather Heyer

    Before she joined the pantheon as a junior cherubim beneath the Blessed George Floyd of Fentanyl and Saint Trayvon of Skittles, Heather Heyer was a woke fatty who volunteered to be part of a mob attacking “nazis” for the outrageous assault on decency and goodness that is… walking past some statues or some other similarly pointless and gay white nationalist nonsense.

    Unfortunately, when the crowd she was in attacked a car, the driver panicked and went GTA on her. Apparently this is the moral equivalent of the Nazis murdering Anne Frank, or GamerGate, or something.

    Anyway, Andy Ngo is a Vietnamese White Supremacist hatey hateful badthinker of hate because he, with malice aforethought, said that killing Heather Heyer was wrong and it’s also wrong when Antifa kills people.

  5. @Steve
    the driver panicked
    Hardly an irrational act in a panic. He had a thug on the roof smashing his way inside with a baseball bat. Driving away FAST was an entirely rational act, in self defence.
    Under similar circumstances, I hope I would retain enough presence of mind to do the same, to protect myself and my passengers. I fear the panic would be more likely to freeze any response, resulting in the beating to death of all in the car.

    Heather Heyes was participating in a criminal act: the assault on the car. In the course of that criminal act, someone died, therefore: murder (under US law).*
    Hence Heather Heyes murdered herself.
    Good riddance.

    *There’s a big discussion of homicide law in US arising from the self-adminstered fentanyl overdose case in Minnesota, at Legal Insurrection.

  6. ‘Driving away FAST was an entirely rational act, in self defence.’

    Have to agree with Tim the Coder here.

  7. Steve Sailer has a much better take on Mr Ngo’s book at Taki’s:


    Mr Nazaryan displays an astonishing, but perhaps understandable, ignorance of history in his review:

    Incredibly, Ngo makes that very comparison himself, arguing that antifa’s predecessors in Weimar Germany deserve as much scrutiny as their Nazi counterparts.

    The fact is that, inspired by the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Jewish Communists seized power in parts of Germany in 1918/19 and unleashed a red terror against the German people. Jewish communist violence lead directly to the rise of the Nazi party in Germany as they were the only organisation who were willing to fight back.

    The original AntiFa were a Jewish communist terrorist organisation, founded in 1933 in an attempt to legitimise Jewish communist violence in Germany as simply being ‘Anti-Fascism’. That misinformation campaign is still going on.


  8. “Ngo crosses the line into truly despicable when he downplays the murders of Heather Heyer by white nationalists in Charlottesville and Black teenager Trayvon Martin by vigilante George Zimmerman.”

    I think the most downplayed murder in recent history is that of Samuel Paty. I’ve not seen many murals, marches, riots, gestures by politicians, or frothy Guardian articles. I can’t think why…

  9. >when the crowd she was in attacked a car, the driver panicked and went GTA on her.
    The media (and the court that found him guilty) say these events happened in the opposite order: he deliberately drove his car into a gathering at high speed, and then when the crowd he drove into attacked him, he drove into them again.
    The media appear to be saying that he argued in court that he panicked, and the court did not believe him, citing his defence providing no evidence of an initial attack.
    Of course it’s possible that the media and the jury were wrong, and the (widely available but not linked here on grounds of good taste) video of the incident is not as it seems, but I would expect evidence of this to be more forthcoming, and wonder why it wasn’t presented at the trial.

  10. I would say Ashli Babbitt, who most people don’t even know the name of, and the press reported as “having died”, as if a bullet magically appeared from another dimension.

  11. Yes, George Zimmerman was that rarest of creatures, a White Hispanic. The fact that he was just as Hispanic as Obama or Kamala Harris are Black seems to have been lost in the translation into english. In fact, the head of the Proud Boys is probably more Black than either of them. #inconvenientfacts #doesnthelpnarrative

  12. @Bathroom Moose said
    “and the court did not believe him”

    I would say they didn’t !

    He was convicted in a state court of hit and run, the first-degree murder of 32-year-old Heather Heyer, and eight counts of malicious wounding, and sentenced to life in prison with an additional 419 years in July 2019.[17] He also pled guilty to 29 of 30 federal hate crime charges to avoid the death penalty, which also resulted in another life sentence handed down in June 2019

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    Andy Ngo has been one of the few people prepared to shine a light on Antifa and not be scared off by their fascist tactics. He’s been in hospital a few times following their assaults but that doesn’t get mentioned in the media.

    The MSM’s descent in to moral bankruptcy is almost complete.

  14. BM – Idk. I stated the facts as I’d heard them and in accordance with what I think is a plausible sequence of causality, but I wasn’t there and it’s become impossible over the last few years to rely on the media for the truth.

    There’s video footage as you say, but this could be decontextualised or Rorschached as much as the George Floyd snuff film or the evil MAGA kids smirking at Red Injuns. I was gonna make a lazy reference to Pravda, but then I remembered Pravda never flat out lied to your face that men are women and Islam is peace.

    Given how politicised and dishonest Yank prosecutors, courts and lawyers in general are – and doubly given their mysterious inability to keep Antifa street thugs in jail while any organisation to the right of Leon Trotsky has federal agencies crawling up its arsehole – there’s no particular reason to believe his judgement and sentencing had anything to do with objective standards of criminal justice. It’s different (?) from other shitty banana republics such as Russia, where you probably have to put some effort into attracting the Eye of Sauron – TPTB in the US destroy people’s lives for the sheer pleasure of it.

  15. Gunker – This is what I mean by shitty banana republic:

    with an additional 419 years in July 2019.[17] He also pled guilty to 29 of 30 federal hate crime charges to avoid the death penalty,

    Jailed till Space Year 2438 and slapped with not one, not even two dozen, but thirty “federal hate crime charges”, which he’d better confess to or they’ll kill him.

    This has about as much relation to justice as did the Moscow Trials.

  16. Ngo writes book about mainly Antifa. “Critic” complains that non antifa related topics weren’t covered enough. One of those cases where you can never satisfy their demands – so don’t bother.

  17. This has about as much relation to justice as did the Moscow Trials. Banana republics would at least have the balls to straight up murder their victims.

    Even “long sleeve or short sleeve?” sounds better.

  18. If Trayvon Martin hadn’t gone back to find George Zimmerman to attempt to beat him to death for the crime of being a “white cracker” he would quite possibly still be alive. In that miscarried assault that he initiated, Martin was egged on by his “girlfriend” in a series of text messages that were revealed during the discovery phase of the trial, and they were a major reason that Zimmerman was aquitted.

  19. Jewish Communists seized power . . .
    Jewish communist violence . . .
    Jewish communist terrorist organisation . . .
    Jewish communist violence . . .

    Poor Jonathan, still tormented by his monsters of the yid. As his links show, the communists there had tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of followers (nearly all of them regular Germans). That the socialist-intellectual set had a high proportion of Jews does not make the communists a Jewish organisation, any more than banking and real estate were Jewish. Due to their higher than average IQ, Jews are disproportionately represented in intellectual pursuits, including the wanky ones.

    I mean, some of them even touted the Nazi in Ashkenazi:
    “. . . eventually came out in support of Adolf Hitler.”

    I did like the Bavarian Soviet Republic’s foreign affairs delegate:
    “. . . and informed Vladimir Lenin and the Pope by cable that the ousted former Minister-President Hoffmann had fled to Bamberg and taken the key to the ministry toilet with him.”
    A mere mad Catholic though, so clearly not as good at the whole violent terrorist organizing lark.

  20. Yes, George Zimmerman was that rarest of creatures, a White Hispanic.

    That was the media description.
    The black activist position was that Zimmerman was . . .
    . . .wait for it . . .
    . . . a Jew!

    He wasn’t, of course, but some people just see what they want to see. Not much you can do about that.

  21. I’m sorry but while Zimmerman was certainly sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong, Martin fucked around and found out.

  22. What pisses me off is that there are so many legitimate victims of police misconduct but what makes national news, and what is held up as ‘martyr’ are people who are, at best kinda fucked up people and at worst, actual violent criminals.

  23. Oh dear, PJF unable to refute a single fact, is reduced to bluster in defence of his Jewish masters.

    I’m glad he does finally admit that Jews are the guiding lights and instigators of some of the worst crimes against Europeans in history.

    Due to their higher than average IQ, Jews are disproportionately represented in intellectual pursuits, including the wanky ones.

    Genocide is an intellectual pursuit now? Contemptible.

    I mean, some of them even touted the Nazi in Ashkenazi:

    Indeed. The Nazis copied many of their ideas from Jews: their ideology of racial supremacy, their racial purity laws, their idea of a ‘god-given’ right to rule over ‘lesser’ peoples; all borrowed from Talmudic Judaism.

    Poor PJF, still slurping down that kosher dill….

  24. Unlike this predictably ignorant journalist, I both have a former friend who now belongs to AntiFa, AND I’ve hung out with the Proud Boys (including Gavin McInnes) a number of times. Yes, I’ve named the five breakfast cereals.

    I don’t have to rely on any trust in the media to get the story straight. I’ve seen my ex-friend’s direct livestreams. I was at NYU when AntiFa attacked and pepper sprayed Gavin and the Proud Boys without provocation. I was at another one of Gavin’s speaking events where AntiFa was waiting for all of us to exit and throw bottles of piss at people.

    I met the PBs at this event, many of whom weren’t white. Also, I’m Jewish and would be the first to tell you if I noticed any bigotry coming from this group. At the same event was a same-sex, interracial married couple who not only wear MAGA hats, but also organize a pro-conservative group. This is in Manhattan, mind you, so there must be hundreds more of them who have to hide in fear (many have said coming out as conservative is far more difficult than coming out as LGBT).

    A few of the Proud Boys punched back at the AntiFa thugs who attacked them after this event. It was 17 seconds of fist-fighting, with no one going to the hospital, and no one calling the cops (the AntiFa members fled the scene – they hate cops). Despite the virtually victimless crime, the cops who were there to maintain the peace arrested the guys defending themselves, simply for wearing a red hat and Fred Perry shirts. Also because Governor Cuomo was running for re-election and he and Mayor DeBlasio wanted to create hysteria about “white supremacists” as a diversion from their failed policies.

    Welp, two of these PBs are almost done serving 4-year prison sentences for a few punches after getting piss thrown at them. One of them, John Kinsman, is married to a black woman, with whom he has a few children. Go to justiceforliberty.com and you’ll see a video of John’s wife describing how the state and local media kept her out of the camera frame to protect their “Trump voters are Nazis” narrative. When the correctional officers at the prison hear about the incident and the charges pressed against these individuals, they can’t help but be taken aback by the absurdity. Still, Cuomo and the media had no problem taking these men away from their families and children.

    Andy Ngo is telling the truth. He’s been there. Yes, the Proud Boys are simply a drinking club for men of all ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations, who are not ashamed of being men. They don’t go looking for fights, but will defend themselves if physically attacked. They often say “We don’t start fights, we finish them.”

    Moral of the story: Stop skimming through mainstream headlines and do your research.

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