A sad misunderstanding here

Coronavirus vaccine certificates could be introduced by pubs when they reopen later this year, Boris Johnson indicated on Wednesday.

People may have to prove that they have had a Covid jab or tested negative for the virus before entering a pub, and Mr Johnson said: “I think that that’s the kind of thing – it may be up to individual publicans, it may be up to the landlord.”

His lack of opposition suggests the Government will not intervene if pubs – and potentially other private companies – decide to require proof of Covid status.

The position is a stark departure from two months ago, when Government ministers were arguing that making people reveal such information within the UK was “discriminatory” and against British values.

Inaction is simply support for the current legal status. A landlord may refuse service to anyone on no grounds at all. It’s an absolute right.

True, if every tinted – or gammon – gets denied then we’d think there’s rather a pattern developing but that right still exists. Service is at the discretion of the landlord.

So, demanding proof of vaccination, why not? If it’s by the landlord then that’s just how the law currently works.

We, of course, get to show our view on such by drinking there or elsewhere….just as with a pub that allows or does not children. A pub may, these days, allow, but it does not have to.

14 thoughts on “A sad misunderstanding here”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    Inaction is simply support for the current legal status. A landlord may refuse service to anyone on no grounds at all. It’s an absolute right.

    Nope, protected classes get a free pass.

  2. How many more ways can this government think up to fuck up our lives?
    I sincerely hope Tim Martin would make a stand and ensures his pubs specifically do not ask for ‘papers please'(although if this is made compulsory by the government, it’s drinking 1664 down the beach for me.

  3. I don’t see the need for this. Once the pubs are open, the majority of the adult population will be vaccinated. If I’ve been vaccinated I can’t catch Covid or pass it on, and if I’m not then the herd immunity from those that are will reduce my chances of catching it to almost nothing. Unless they’re all lying about the vaccine…

  4. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Jimmers, I believe it has been said, several times, that the jab does not stop catching the Lergy, or passing it on.

  5. I can’t see any reason to believe rationality or truth has any relevance. Our politicians have to justify carpet bombing the economy & the curtailing of liberty. So to avoid the blame for over reacting they have to maintain the level of fear for as long as possible.

  6. BiND nails it. Can a publican turn away a couple of gayers and get away with it? Or any of the other pandered classes? We have an unequal balance here.

    Any publican that turns me away will be doing so for life. I will also make the point here that vaccination is a private medical detail and no one has the moral right to ask for evidence one way or the other, it being personal, private and none of their goddamned business. Given the assault on the hospitality trade this past year, they need us rather more than we need them.

  7. “So, demanding proof of vaccination, why not?”

    It’s a massively stupid idea. The youngsters in their 20’s and 30’s and even 40’s were at relatively low risk from the virus, yet they have suffered the biggest social and economic impact, largely to help protect the older and more vulnerable members of society. That older and more vulnerable generation have now been vaccinated. It would be unjust and damage society to allow them to visit pubs etc. whilst the younger generation are denied that return to normality. They already resent the “boomers”.

  8. “Up to the pub to decide whether to ask.” But is it?

    Now check the details on licensing, insurance, etc and whether the only way the pub can show it is being responsible is to check for covid in some way…such as vaccine passports. The only thing governments seem to have learned is that you can achieve indirectly what you would be ashamed to do directly. Everything that matters in the small print and everyone is going to talk about the general philosophy.

  9. Hopefully lawyers will sicced on any dimwit landlords and refusing desp needed business–for life-as Longrider says–will help close down a few such moronic anti-publicans. Bogus Johnson wants to encourage such antics but sounds like he doesn’t have the balls to go for it via state “power”. The vax mania is slowing as fewer dim mugs remain. Hopefully the 5-10 million total refusniks will be enough to sink the vax passport and this round of attempted social credit tyranny. No thanks to all the foreign-holidays-you-aren’t-getting crowd.

  10. and as expected, headlines are:

    pubs that impose covid checks can offer a normal experience
    pubs that “choose not to” have to comply with rules that are expensive and spoil the experience

    Up to the publican what they want to do

  11. And creates a boycott of non vax passport pubs by those of us who wont wear masks. Restriction of trade also.

    Blojob is a very stupid fellow.

  12. So… Proof of CoVid Vaccination…

    Of course, given the sheer speed UK politics rushes down slippery slopes..
    What’s up next?
    And what time will it take for the UK to enact what they made the Germans fail at once upon a time?

    How long ’till “Ausweis, Bitte!” ?

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