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A surprisingly good version

4 thoughts on “A surprisingly good version”

  1. Never heard of John Mayer. But what period are we talking about?
    “Eric Clapton & Friends” pretty well encapsulates a London music scene from the late 60’s. All sorts of people played together. There are recordings of Clapton, Robert Plant, Mick Jagger & a couple of other well known names on them.
    There’s a particular wet Sunday afternoon comes to mind. Club used to operate in a basement round the corner from Leicester Square tube station. Suppose it must have been Ken Colyer’s Studio 51. The girlfriend of the time used to do passable Judy Collins impersonations at the Kings in Crouch End, so our preferred haunt was Bunjees in Lichfield Street, but she also did vocals with a friend’s blues band. One of the audience (all 15 of it) borrowed a guitar & joined in for a couple numbers. Scruffy long haired youth. Eric Clapton. Presumably Cream must have been in existence by then – went to the gig at the Rainbow, Finsbury Park – but it was hardly a notable occurrence. The blues/rock scene was so small the audience & the performers were pretty well interchangeable.

  2. This is much later. 2015 or summat? And John Mayer is USian blues guitarist. Shagged some pop bird for a time as well I think.

  3. Yeah, looked a lot later Tim. But I don’t think the people have changed a lot. Tony Ashton used to bash the joanna in the Load of Hay on Haverstock Hill on the odd nights he was sober. And there were some well known faces in the Steele’s over the road been known to pick up a guitar.
    Does it indicate something, there’s still people enjoying their recordings 50 years after they were made, when most of the “commercial” entertainers have sunk without trace.

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