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Again with the Anti-Asian violence thing

On Tuesday night, a 21-year-old man named Robert Aaron Long allegedly went on a deadly rampage at three Atlanta spas, killing eight people, including six Asian women. Long’s shooting spree, police say, began at Youngs Asian Massage Parlor on the city’s outskirts, where he killed four people, two of whom were Asian, and injured one; he then allegedly fled the scene and proceeded to Gold Spa, killing three more people, all Asian women; and then he entered a spa right across the street, Aromatherapy Spa, where he killed his final victim.

Following an interview with authorities, the Cherokee county sheriff, Frank Reynolds, maintained that Long “gave no indicators” that his crimes were racially motivated. “We asked him that specifically and the answer was no,” Reynolds said on Wednesday.

The bloke who – allegedly – did it says it weren’t about race.

This idea is ludicrous to many who have observed the surge in racist violence against Asian Americans during the pandemic: in the past year, there have been 3,800 reported incidents of anti-Asian violence, roughly 503 of which took place during 2021 alone, according to the group Stop AAPI Hate. Women make up the vast majority of those attacked. And some argue that it is equally absurd to exclude discussion of anti-sex-work sentiment from the conversation about these most recent attacks on the Asian community.

But of course the race hustlers know better.

As Admiral Hopper has been pointing out the race thing is rather different. It’s not white boys killing toms, it’s about black lads beating up old folks.

So, what’s a race hustler to do? Obviously, combine the two so that it can be white boys blamed for what the black lads are doing….

7 thoughts on “Again with the Anti-Asian violence thing”

  1. It’s almost as if the anti-racists just want to say bad stuff about white people, isn’t it?

    And note how if white people are not killing massage-parlour ladies because of the besetting sin of racism, then it’s the other one to do with slut-shaming and feeling that sex workers are a bit icky.

  2. There was a lady on the wireless this morning claiming “I believe anti-east-asian violence in the UK is just as bad as in America”.

    Sorry, duck, believing something doesn’t make it true, and the facts show it’s not true.

    The Atlanta incident strike me as being clearly an anti-prozzy killing not an anti-east-asian killing. Dweeb can’t get anybody to have sex with him (good god, man, have a shave and a wash!), takes it out on sex workers.

  3. Asians have heretofore been lumped in with whites –hence black attacks on them.Here is a chance for leftist scum to avoid Asian/Whites becoming allies.As Tim says by somehow making the anti-Asian crimes of Blacks Whitey’s fault.

  4. There’s a move in America to display a yellow square in your twitters in solidarity with Asian-Americans because, of course, they’re all yellow. Eeeek!

  5. Fundamentally, it’s just a case of the media class finding the ‘Great White Defendant’, as Tom Wolfe had it, they’ve been desperate for. Same in the UK over the murder of Sarah Everard.

  6. If they recognise its sex worker related they will have to also acknowledge the ownership of the spas likely being pre-dominantly Asian.
    If they could spin a white sex slave traders angle they would be all over the prostitution cause

  7. Good job he didn’t shoot up one of those UK nail bars with 66 Viet prossies in each. That would be a massacre.

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