Another P³ observation

That insistence that the one dose policy doesn’t work in oldsters:

Matt Hancock hails ‘exciting’ data showing one dose of vaccine cuts risk of hospitalisation among top age groups by more than 80 per cent

He at least says that he’s getting all his information from Independent Sage. I know they’re the usual bunch of lefties but what’s in it for them to keep getting these things so wrong?

7 thoughts on “Another P³ observation”

  1. Plain disruption and undermining of the western society and culture? There’s no conspiracy, it’s just in their nature.

    In other news, The Finnish Home Secretary on the possible incoming curfew, asylum seekers should be excused, being the most vulnerable group.

  2. Getting lots of vaccines done is about the only thing the government has done well in this nonsense. Those who support opposing parties want to say that they haven’t really succeeded in that either.

    Also it’s something where Britain has clearly done better than the EU, and because of (not despite) Brexit. So pro-EU types need to say that we haven’t done it properly.

    That’s two motives for Murphy.

  3. Selection effects. The only scientists to join Independent-SAGE were ones who thought the government was too lax on Covid.

    What’s disappointing is that none of them are capable of changing their minds as the data changes.

  4. Standard Orwellian doublethink. For medical purposes the vaccine works, for political purposes it doesn’t.

  5. OT, but this morning it has been reported that Pontins had a list of – mostly Irish – surnames that it used to block travellers. Perhaps not very nice, but they were clearly sick of gyppos fucking up their parks.

    One of the surnames was ‘Murphy’. Every cloud, etc etc.

  6. @ aaa

    I saw that. Made me think that Pontins might not have been a bad place to go (except they’ve had to end the policy).

    Imagine being stuck in a pub listening to that bore Murphy droning on about all the things he’s an ‘expert’ in.

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