Can’t help but think this is incomplete

Richard Murphy says:
March 15 2021 at 10:14 am
The result is exactly the same

Government deficits = private gain in wealth

MMT says so. It has just not embraced the consequence as yet

Zimbabwean private wealth did soar, didn’t it?

5 thoughts on “Can’t help but think this is incomplete”

  1. Govt handouts prosper Govt pals.

    Other people –the opposite usually.

    Like Bogus Blojob Bluemarxist Bus-Buffoon Johnson and his “bus levelling up”. Part of his force-plebs-out-of-their-cars plan.

    Money for bus co creeps and greenfreak shite in general.

    But all those –and I have known lots over the years-who spent 1-3 hours each way commuting on multiple bus routes to jobs wont want to subsidise more such crap. Esp as Bogus is killing jobs all over.

    And of course bring your weekly shop home by bus. Easy Peasy.

    The only good thing about this lungful of bus exhaust Bogus is selling is that you can be 100% sure you will NEVER meet Bogus on a bus. Unless it is a photoshoot.

    Hell –all of his cop thugs and gun-goons wouldn’t fit on one bus anyway.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Robert Mugabe and his missus’s private wealth did. Not sure about everyone else.”

    That’s how it works. Print the money for yourself and your cronies and let them spend it or exchange it for other assets eg gold, foreign currency, before inflation sets in.

    Then once the currency is debased the next step is to fix exchange rates artificially low and only let the favoured few buy foreign currency at that exchange rate. They can then use the foreign currency to buy local currency local currency at 100x the official exchange rate on the black market. And so the cycle goes on until the country implodes and the IMF starts to bail them out.

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