A company now has to be considered bankrupt if it cannot undertake its trade and be net carbon neutral when doing so.

So, let us consider the activities of an LLP. There is the heating of a house in Ely. The transport of the workforce to conferences and the like, using those jet planes. The internet is 2 or 4 or 8% or whatever number is claimed now of all electricity use – much of which has carbon emissions. Breathing out produces CO2.

So, an LLP doing nothing but campaign upon climate issues is carbon bankrupt. For we’ve already said that offsets are not to be allowed.

We’ve also already said that it must be each component of the economy that is net zero, not the economy as a whole. So, that forests absorb or whatever is not allowed.

So, the P ³ is carbon bankrupt then.

13 thoughts on “Damn stupid”

  1. Ah, no. There is a turnover limit. This only applies to businesses with a turnover +£1 of whatever the turnover of Tax Stupidity LLP has.

  2. In a later response the Dunce of Ely said that government could issue licences to pollute. He was backpedalling somewhat desperately, though

  3. Perhaps he could be burned as biofuel then? Still, the combustion’d emit CO2.

    So toss him overboard into a subduction zone. In a few million years he’d go down into the mantle and by the time he came up again, no doubt something would have exterminated the human race.

    Surely whatever replaced us wouldn’t be so stupid as to care about his CO2.

  4. In such a scenario its obvious that the evil Gaia killing partners of the LLP should be terminated with extreme prejudice.

  5. As always he is telling the left what they want to hear. He’s come up with a way of the government nationalising and controlling any business it wants without compensation under the guise of sustainability and environmentalism. I wouldn’t be surprised if some left wing politicians and commentators support it.

  6. CEO to Staff: Sorry there’s no salary increases and bonuses from now on. We have to use those funds to account for some sustainability and net zero carbon bollocks in the balance sheet or go bust. You may continue working safe in the knowledge that you are all saving the planet.

  7. Although it’s jolly good fun ragging the Tri-Prof, he’s now received so many kickings he’s mashed, yet still he continues to spout inanities and economic ignorance – amazing brass neck!

  8. I am starting to become slightly fascinated by the way that the climate change scam has been able to keep going long after it has become obvious that it is nonsense. Anyone would have thought that thirty years of failed predictions would have left the climate change alarmists with zero credibility. How much contrary evidence do we need for so called climate “scientists” to admit that they were wrong? Maybe cutting off their funding would do the trick.

  9. Mr Crun

    Alas, no. The message is surely closer to “Sorry, no salary this year” Or, perhaps “OK guys, the good news is that we’re only reducing your salary by 18% this year because we had such a dismal business last year we polluted less than before…”

  10. Stonyground–The green shite has been force-fed to kids ion schools for 40 years now. No surprise it endures.

  11. Stonyground and Ecks: climate “science” was where postmodernists perfected data manipulation, hysterical modelling and the demonisation of dissidents, to further a preferred narrative and job opportunities for enthusiasts of interfering with others’ lives on the pretext it’s good for them. These honed skills have now been brought to bear in the great Covid Scare, the elevation of a relatively mild virus to fell the independent middle and working classes, isolate us and insulate us from dissident opinions while at the same time providing job opportunities for Interfering busybodies.

    The progressive dumbing down of the education system and media, the ignorance of history and the decontextualisation of data just makes it easier.

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