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Define fair

What exactly, is the fair share?

It came hours after Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, threatened to block vaccine exports to the UK unless Europe “gets its fair share” of jabs.

That which you have manufactured? The amount you have ordered under the terms you have ordered them? What is that fair share, Ursula?

Ursula von der Leyen was accused of acting like a dictator on Wednesday after she threatened to seize factories, waive patents and ban vaccine exports to the UK unless Boris Johnson surrendered British coronavirus jabs to the EU.

Ahh, fair is whatever saves your sorry political arse then. Just so we know.

Mrs von der Leyen said the fears over blood clots proved the EU was right to use a slower authorisation process than the emergency one used by Britain.

Not really, no. The fears over blood clots appear to have been manufactured in order to explain the slower approval process….

33 thoughts on “Define fair”

  1. Given the first country to raise the alarm was Norway, which is not on the EU, not necessarily.

  2. “Ursula von der Leyen was accused of acting like a dictator…”

    She is a dictator isn’t she? Unless she was democratically elected and has to stand for re election periodically a dictator is precisely what she is.

  3. Norway is in the EU politically. They are just staying out till the oil runs out. Then they’ll be in like Flynn.

    Like Stockholm syndrome.

  4. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    The blood clot thing looks plausible, confluence of cases, autoimmune mechanism, known pathogenic effect of Covid itself, and anecdata that has reached my ears makes one think “product quality issue”. A batch is out there where someone in the lab put a decimal point in the wrong place, would be my guess.

    So it’s a weird situation where EMA are right that the benefit/risk is positive* but the governments are right to stop administering it until we know what is going on. That doesn’t change the fact that the AZ vaccine is now dead for all time.

    *: YMMV because AZ is not for high-risk over-65s anyway, and other, safer, vaccines are available. So why would you?

  5. Norway: the politicians want to be in the EU, but the pesky population keeps voting “no” So the pols are doing their best to import a new population…

  6. The blood clots are exactly the same as for any other vaccination, it’s a reaction to being stabbed in the arm not to the vaccine. And ten or so out of 25 million is noise.

  7. So she’s thinking of waving patents?
    That should erode business, and especially pharma, support for the EU pretty quickly!
    If big business starts campaigning for exit, anywhere, that should be game over.

  8. That doesn’t change the fact that the AZ vaccine is now dead for all time.

    Is that necessarily true? I read that the number of clots reported post the Pfizer vaccine is similar (no idea if that is true incidentally), but there’s no political mileage in it being mentioned.

    There is also the possibility that alternative vaccine vendors, who might want to sell their considerably more expensive product, might have an interest in slagging off the competition. Also worth bearing in mind that the vaccine most likely to gain from AZ’s demise was devised by a German company….

  9. Lots of confident assertions about how safe is half tested shite. That hasn’t been proven to have ANY effect on C19 at all or to be adequately tested as safe .

    Lots of mugs have taken a big risk on the bullshit say so of known lying political scum.

    I only know 2 mugs who have had it so far. One was in bed with a fever for a week –starting day after jab and the other has an extremely sore injection site 12 days after taking the crap. He has had flu jabs ev year for decades with zero reaction.

    Party on vax freaks. And look forward to the social credit tyranny you are helping Blojob with.

  10. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    jgh, thrombocytopenia as a reaction to being stabbed in the arm?

    Maybe if you are stabbed in both arms. 12 times. Each. With a machete.

  11. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    MC, I think AZ is dead because public confidence in that product is now zero.

    Whether other vaccines suffer the same fate has nothing to do with whether or not there is data showing a similar rate of similar events. Just look at the last year to see how non data-driven the entire pandemic response is, and how easy it is to get the entire global population to mentally exaggerate tiny but novel risks. Surveys constantly find people reckon their own risk of death from Covid to be around 5%. That is out by at least a Ferguson, possibly two.

  12. Well my doctor did suggest I have a jab. But the receptionist wasn’t able to book me in when I spoke to her.

    But I imagine I’ll ring her one of these days and get the injection. I’ll try to send you a message as I lie dying in front of my computer.

  13. The EU wouldnt do this. They are all about trade and lovey-dovey all for one and one for all. When we all see the light of their glorious wisdom (when they think of an excuse) we will be dropping trow and grabbing ankles with glee and lube.

    I have noticed an odd silence from remainers however. I wonder if there is a correlation with the ongoing ‘performance’ and their sudden silence.

  14. And people laugh at those who dare to point out that Ayn Rand knew where we were headed over 60 years ago. Fair Share Law anyone?

  15. If “fair share” is being used in the same way as it is for taxation, shouldn’t “the rich” get most of the vaccinations?

  16. Only an anecdote, but my old mum (88) is very ill after taking the AZ vaccine. She is suffering from dizziness and fainting fits*, which seem to be prompted by sudden crashes in her BP. She has improved over the last two days after a very rough patch. I wonder if the sawbones will report this to authorities ? Because of course we only know of those adverse reactions that have actually been declared.

    * Which are warned about in the side-effects description note.

  17. Jim: +1

    Ecks: I think mass boycott of the vaccine to stick one to Boris ain’t going to happen. It’s not rational behaviour. I’ve got my 2nd Pfizer in 3 weeks and looking forward to it. Getting back to normal life trump’s sticking it to pols of whatever persuasion for me.

  18. Alas TG is right. I have been talking to friends who have enthusiastically taken the jab exactly because they “want the pubs to open” or “to go on holiday” and wear their “Boris fucked me up the arse !” badges with pride.

  19. The number of blood clots among those taking the Oxford-AZ vaccine is *lower* than in the general population. But the EU bureaucrats want someone to blame for their poor performance so they create a fuss about a non-existent problem and some politicians (maybe ignorant) jump on the bandwagon. The head of Italy’s vaccine programme who is worried about the death rate which is twice Germany’s states publically that the decision is political but the impact is to make the reality of the vaccination programme *worse* [see BiC(GP)].
    The bureaucrats are guilty of a crime against humanity (EU subset).

  20. These people have effectively been blackmailed into taking the jab, or should I say experimental biological agent, because we simply don’t know what the long term effect is. They’re also effectively signing themselves up for a never ending carousel of other jabs as new variants, illnesses etc. are discovered. Idiots. Having said that I might eventually be forced to take the damned thing, but I’m holding out for as long as possible.

  21. It looks like my contention that it isn’t necessary to vaccinate the non vulnerable is about to be tested. There will now be a long delay in vaccinating the under 50s. Covid19+ remains harmless for the vast majority of under 60s, let alone under 50s, so it should make no difference.

    Get the second doses out and open up.

  22. Funnily enough, if I end up deciding to have a jab I’ll be having the AZ one because it’s at least relatively tried and tested tech. The mRNA ones strike me as a much bigger gamble.

  23. Sorry TG but despite the mixed messages Blojob and the gang are handing out–they have already said that you are still contagious and you are not getting out of the bullshit.

    They will give a few summer concessions but keep e’thing in place for back 2 new normal come Sept.

    Death of UK econ might make a diff. But that depends on what Blojerk is about. If he believes his own bungling bullshit –that enough funny money can sooth over everything–then the fact that it wont will come as a nasty shock to him.

    If he is onboard with the Reset –he wont give a shit about our ruin as that is what he plans anyway.

  24. “I have been talking to friends who have enthusiastically taken the jab exactly because they “want the pubs to open” or “to go on holiday” and wear their “Boris fucked me up the arse !” badges with pride.”

    My friends are exactly the same. And they would all self describe themselves as being slightly ‘alternative’ people (all ex-musicians, dedicated to ‘sticking it to The Man’) yet their quite happy to roll their sleeves up and get jabbed, mainly I suspect so they can get down the pub again. When I admitted that I wasn’t planning to have the jab for now, and was aiming to see how things panned out after a few years the response was similar to if I’d dropped a turd on their doorsteps.

    Its weird how Lefty ‘alternative’ types who think of themselves as rebels have fallen in line with Big State and Big Pharma like good little drones, and its left to white bread non-drinking non drug taking me to become the actual rebel…….

  25. “Having said that I might eventually be forced to take the damned thing, but I’m holding out for as long as possible.”

    My plan is to wait until all the various vaccine options are available privately, and then if I absolutely have to have one I’d pay to have the one that can do the least harm. I read somewhere the Johnson and Johnson one may be a more traditional vaccine, so perhaps thats the way to go. I have no care for efficiency, just that there’s little risk of long term harm. In a year or two’s time there should be a lot more data available on them all and the risks will be better known.

  26. In a year or two’s time there should be a lot more data available on them all and the risks will be better known.

    If the hysteria is still ongoing in a year or two’s time then we’re all fucked anyhow.

  27. “If the hysteria is still ongoing in a year or two’s time then we’re all fucked anyhow.”

    Of course the hysteria will still be going on. Do you think the bureaucrats and politicians are going to give up their newly acquired powers any time soon? They’ll be desperate to keep the whole thing rolling as long as they can, indefinitely preferably. And that will entail keeping the public in a state of semi-terror, to make them be more worried about their own survival than what is being done to them.

  28. I spent some amount of time worrying a bit about mRNA stuff.

    I was reassured by the apparent improvement in effectiveness obtained by having a second shot. This rather suggests that the body had in some manner eaten the messenger. As it were.

    So – eh, probably OK.

    Yes, yes – there can of course be ugly things possible. But if the messenger has been eaten, the body has a fairly complex and experienced set fo reactions available to deal with a lot of stuff. Nowhere near invincible – arsenic kills you, for example… But I found my thinking reassuring, so I stopped.

  29. The action by Ursula just shows that the EU is on a par with China in abiding by international agreements.

  30. I’ve had my first AZ jab. A bit of local soreness but so far so good after 5 days. I want to stick it to the Spud

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