Doesn’t quite work

The ceremony was “just the two of us in our back yard with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has always kept the confidence.

Need witnesses for a marriage…..

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  1. Yeah I noticed that.

    Anyone want to summarise the real complaint for me?

    Sounds like they didn’t want Archie to be a Prince in the useless Eugenie and Beatrice mould (not their fault, bless them), and someone asked how dark his skin might be (which I suspect was probably curiosity more than anything else – hardly the KKK; I’m guessing Phillip on that one)

    Oh yes, and Kate supposedly made her cry, not the other way around. Not sure I totally believe that, the way it was presented; didn’t Meghan get a telling-off because she was being a total b!tch? Sounds like cry-bully waterworks.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    So perhaps they’re not legally married, thus Archie is illegitimate and not a prince of the crown. Harry can come home and Megs can resume her acting career with a new series of ‘S*its’.

  3. The fact that Archie isn’t yet a Prince is due to decisions taken in 1917 and reconfirmed by HRH in 2012. It is bugger all to do with Meghan and Harry. Indeed when Charles becomes the Monarch, Archie will then become a Prince and the current unborn female will become a Princess.

  4. This is like The Prisoner of Zenda, he was a ginger too. So the real Prince is locked up in a dungeon in Windsor, so H & M had to have a secret ceremony ‘cos there were rumours that the real prince had escaped.* If he burst into St George’s chapel denouncing everyone, they could produce the certificate and the AbC with a big flourish and the real Prince would be consigned back to the oubliette.

    * It was in fact just James Corden, eating the entire menu of a local Indian restaurant.

  5. I’m wondering how much longer they can milk this for. They had some time in the monarchy, and they can come up with various exaggerations or fictions about that, talk about the wedding, but in 6 months, what are they going to be able to talk about?

    Outside of being in the monarchy, they’re boring, pointless, not-especially attractive people.

  6. The C of E have very rigid rules about where people can marry. Marrying outside of your parish church means a special Archbishop’s licence. That covers places like Cathedrals, your ex-college chapel, and the like. Obviously Wet Welby could quickly draw up such a licence, but why would he?

    Claiming that he “kept the confidence” now puts him in a very difficult position. He may be forced to make a statement on this – either to admit that he broke his own rules, or that he did indeed draw up a quickie licence, and take part in a big sham on what we thought was the actual wedding, or to call them liars.

  7. Sounds like cry-bully waterworks.

    See also: everything the stupid bitch has come out with.

    Just crying from the Ginger Simp.

  8. Quite possible Meghan wanted some off piste vows, was told no siree, dug her kittens in and at a rehearsal Meghan says -we can use my ones for that and that’ll be the real wedding just for us,… repeat after me: I Henry promise to love honour and obey.

  9. TMB,

    “Harry can come home and Megs can resume her acting career with a new series of ‘S*its’.”

    What? Do you think anyone wants Meghan Markle playing that role? She played Office Skirt. Someone pretty to look at and for a male character to have sex with. You get past 35, and no-one wants you in that role. That’s why she got pushed out.

  10. My wife is a priest, and tells me that the informal vicars’ sites are buzzing this morning with the bit about the wedding. The consensus is that it didn’t happen. Some are saying that they have already had calls from parishioners who now want their big wedding to take place in their own lovely garden. (No, love, that’s against canon law).

    I wonder whether this is just a stupid unthought-out lie, or whether there is a carefully-crafted plan to stir up as much controversy as possible to keep them in the public eye. A denial from the Archbish is not as useful as the palace having to deny racism, but it’s probably got some monetary value in the mind of an American publicity advisor.

  11. It is also against the law. One cannot just get married anywhere, the venue has to be licensed and as a result anyone can be married there afterwards. Charles and Camilla had this problem when they wanted to marry in Windsor Castle.

  12. @JuliaM
    Likewise the Daily Torylies.
    I suppose it’s lese majeste to use these pages for their principal purpose? Or perhaps not.

  13. The Meissen Bison

    BoM4 – The new series has nothing to do with Suits – hence the change of name to S*its – and I’m going to begin writing it as soon as I get my lavish retainer. The poolot (like a pilot, but specific to the new genre) is already mapped out.

  14. I’m not a royalist but naturally wished the pair all the best. My wife’s pals, however, all smelled a rat. “How long do you give it?” was their question. It seems that they were more right than me.

    Why did they mistrust the bint? “Hollywood actress”, perhaps, or just clues in what they watched on the telly?

    By the way, there wasn’t the first hint of racism. It was her they distrusted, not her mum.

  15. Witnesses & location will be on the marriage certificate. So it won’t be just the 3 of them in a garden if it’s to be legal.

    As for “racism”, my guess is Meghan being oversensitive to racism. Perhaps the royal was thinking of “young, gifted and black, what a lovely precious dream”.

  16. I sneeze in threes

    Nautical Nick, I read “witness relocation will be on the marriage certificate”. I’m guess I’m not expecting this to end well.

  17. Shouting ‘Waycist!’ is the nuclear weapon for those who feel (however inappropriately) hard done by. As long as you’re at least 1/1,024th [insert protected minority status here], you can blame anything bad (or just stuff you don’t like much) on ‘racism’ and there’s no possible comeback if the object of your wrath is white. Even when they’re clearly and demonstrably not a racist, there’s still ‘unconscious’ and ‘institutional’ racism to fall back on. No defence against such a charge is possible (or permitted). See also ‘sexism’.

  18. Bloke in North Dorset

    One of the history podcasts I’m currently listening to has been doing a lot of background on society in Europe in the middle ages as a prelude to the wars of the reformation. As part of the background (70+ episodes so far!) he did a mini series on the role of women in the middle ages.

    I learned that in the early period the church wasn’t really interested in marriage ceremonies and people could just declare themselves hitched. There was even the concept of a secret marriage, ie a couple kids went in to the woods for a shag and if she get pregnant then could it was a secret marriage. Obviously a bit of he said she said and some men would do the honourable thing.

    The church started to take exception to this to protect women and insisted on marriage ceremonies, being a nice little earner added to the incentives, so that they could be witnessed by the village. The local Lord also had some say in deciding who could get married as well. At the same time they started to take exception to nobles forcing women to marry as part of their political scheming – sword point marriages as he called them.

    I presume that’s when the idea of having witnesses became part of church law.

  19. BiND

    It was from the 13thC that marriage became a proper institution for the plebs. It had to do with inheritance and an increasing mercantile class.

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