D’ye think they’ll start shouting at me?

To accuse someone of being a fascist is simply an insult. To accuse a serving politician of fascist behavior is more serious. That’s because it represents a diagnosis, not mere vulgar abuse.

Unfortunately, at present, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is behaving in a somewhat fascist manner.

When part of the legislative system prevents something Omar desires, she says the hell with the system, I’ll do what I want.

The fight over whether fascism is politically Left — economically it usually was — or Right — culturally, it normally is — has been going on for near a century now. At least since Salazar first took power in Portugal. But the one thing that fascism always did was worship power. The ability to enforce submission and foster an adversary’s lamentations. More than anything else, it was the raw exercise of power unconstrained by custom, habit, or the law. That’s what Omar seems to seek in Congress.

7 thoughts on “D’ye think they’ll start shouting at me?”

  1. I write to deplore this coded attack on Nicola Sturgeon. Say it out loud; she’s a fascist besom.

  2. This is a lady the legality of whose financial and marital affairs would be subject to far closer scrutiny were it not for her protected status. I doubt calling her a fascist will gain any traction.

  3. She’s a reprehensible, ungrateful little cow. Sadly we imported this kind of behavior on a large scale in a syrup of good intentions. What do people think will happen when you give some humans Protected Status, and go after anyone who disagrees with them names, or cancel their livelihoods? You get people like Omar who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, and get everything they want by stomping their feet and demanding it.

    Equity: all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  4. I am less worried about what some dodgy bint does in the colonies than I am about what the powers-that-be in the UK are doing right now, right here. With seemingly no shame or constraint.

  5. Fascism in Germany and Italy was a grass-roots movement. To call it culturally Right is inventing a new dictionary definition. Naturally you can attempt to sidle around that by claiming that the jingoism typical of fascism is unique to the political right, but the empire-building CCCP and the modern PRC contradict that.

  6. ‘ More than anything else, it was the raw exercise of power unconstrained by custom, habit, or the law. ’

    Doesn’t this describe exactly what we are now seeing in all non-Fascist so-called democracies?

    Fascism isn’t defined by individual behaviour, but a political, social mechanism rooted in supremacy of the State in all things.

    Loutish/bullying/dictatorial behaviour is not unique to any one political outlook.

  7. We need a new word. Fascism was politically of its time, not considered an insult. Indeed there were people proud to call themselves fascists.
    We’ve seen what socialism does but somehow it has escaped becoming a dirty word.

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