Even if we agree that both lithium volumes and also prices are going to rise significantly this does not mean that any specific lithium project is a goer. Firstly, it does rather matter how well the people running the project do so. It’s entirely possible, as we’ve seen with Altura, to have an operating mine, with customers and sales, even to be mostly covering or even exceeding operating costs with revenues and still go bust. Another way to make much the same point is that while mining a material may work that’s not really the point. In order to make a return for shareholders, it must be possible to cover the development costs as well as the operating ones. This is, as the perceptive will note, more difficult.

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  1. I have my doubts about the electric car. The new reliable generating capacity needed, the time taken to charge, the limited range for example. I’m not at all sure that the compulsion to buy will be enforceable.

    We’re compelled to buy wind or solar power because the grid is a natural monopoly. But if people have the option to hang on to their old ICE vehicle, I suspect they will. It’d be necessary for the government to say ‘Fuck you’ and shut down all the petrol stations, leaving people stranded without transportation. It’d be hard to sell this to the voters in a democracy.

    So I wouldn’t invest in a lithium mine just yet.

  2. @boganboy

    I have no doubts whatsoever.

    The milk float is where green fantasy meets reality and there is no way it can be hidden.

    You can sign up to an “energy provider” (spiv middleman) who will tell you that what you are being sold is 100% “green” and you can believe this. Some people do.

    You can buy a milk float and believe what you want, but you have to use it in the real world. Occasionally, the clear impracticality and frustration boils over to such a degree and the truth comes out. Like a short while back when some poor misguided fools thought they had bought a real car (for 80 odd grand!!) and tried to drive it from (I think) Bournemouth into London and it took them 9 hours because there was nowhere to charge the stupid thing.

    30 plus million of these?

    And let’s not forget all the milk float lorries and buses.

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