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Err, yes?

It was claimed that Meghan, 39, had expressed frustration that despite the litany of damaging revelations made before a television audience of millions, no member of the Royal Family had yet contacted her to discuss them.

Why would they? You’ve left, they don’t care, and?

13 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. “I told millions of people that they were racists who drove me to the brink of suicide and now they won’t talk to me.”

    Not sure whether she’s delusional or just trolling them. Probably both.

  2. They did. And got a bad review from Meg’s PR for their pains.
    Never mind, it looks like the US is already beginning to fall out of love.The Babylon Bee has some nice slapdowns.

  3. But at least they have Spudly support and empathy

    They also have to believe they have a duty to reproduce, and to deliver the heir. The possibility of being gay, lesbian or of other orientation that might suggest a desire to live in a manner inconsistent with the establishment view of the heterosexual relationship is not permitted. No wonder they feel an impossible demand.

  4. Precisely because they know you would go running to the press one way or another so they likely decided not contacting was less damaging than having it twisted. For someone who sued over her letters to her father being her property and he couldn’t discuss them she seems very cavalier with others peoples desire for privacy

  5. Dicky and Polly were quite keen to try a shoot with her but, sadly, the donkey took a look and dropped a load on the floor

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