Georgian architecture

Apparently this is all colonialism:


Still, the Mayor of London’s adviser on housing, the architect Dinah Bornat, has produced another argument. The Georgian style isn’t just bad because she doesn’t like it. Tweeting about an elegant, newly built dwelling with sash windows, arches and a cornice in the Regency manner, she invoked “imperialism” and “colonialism” as a cause to cancel. It is the architecture of oppression.

The problem I have with this is that I’m really not sure that that is Georgian or even Regency. Of course, I know nothing about architecture, my only experience is of having grown up in that jewel of the style, Bath. Even, owning a little flat that turns up in most BBC productions about the time and era (so many of the street scenes, as with Bridgerton and Jane Austen and so on are filmed just outside the Assembly Rooms in Bath). So, you know, no actual knowledge at all.

Looks more Romanesque to me. Or even, perhaps Tuscan, not that that is an actual style. Needs more pillars, pilasters and pediments to be Georgian to this untrained eye.

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  1. Why do people assume that objections to more housebuilding (what’s meant by ‘NIMBYism’ here) is solely on how the new housing looks?

    It’s not. It’s because inevitably, the underlying infrastructure – road capacity, schools, hospitals, rail services – hasn’t been uprated to cope with the population increase.

  2. It’s the proportions that are important. I have seen plenty of those arched windows on Play School houses in London. Only the smart houses had pillars and porches, such as you see in Victoria or Marylebone. There is a house near me in the general style as the one on Twitter, however it was built in 1849.

  3. Dinah Bornat
    17 Mar
    Everybody should watch immediately. It answers so MANY questions about what’s important, from cars (proportionality driven by men) to safety (mapping sexual harassment spots). Let’s start now.
    What would a city designed by women be like?

    Really nice mud huts?

  4. The “Georgian” style is very eclectic. It incorporates the neo-Classical – as in Bath Crescent, or The Queen’s College Oxford or Stowe or Peckwater Quad in Oxford. But the Circus in Bath is not at all as grandiose. Georgian also includes buildings with Gothic elements – Ashridge – Indian elements and Chinese – Brighton Pavilion. In Salisbury Cathedral close, you have brick buildings with square sash windows, similar to the ones in Harley Street or Bryanston Square or the Inns of Court or St Catharine’s, Cambridge.

    There is no single Georgian style. The picture looks fairly similar to some of the Nash Terraces around Regent’s Park.

  5. These brazen Marxist scum must be purged. The ordure of socialism have murdered 150 million people. That ocean of blood must be visited on the bastards. Never mind discussing their “ideas” about building/architecture.

    If Bogus Johnson was not part of ruining UK he could easily shut down Bliar’s Mares(sic) Nest and bring large numbers of leftist scum unemployment. Including Khan’s bullshiting Harpy above. He appears to be capable of trying to take down Liverpool’s corrupt commie scum. Why single out them amongst a mass of commie shite ? Because more of them are white?

    Khan and his gang would be in jail on corruption and sedition charges by end of the day were I PM. And the Mayor circus being collapsed within the week.

  6. Foreigners don’t like British Architectural style? Why do we care? Oh, that’s right; the Establishment have imported millions of them to displace the native British population.

    Deportation when?

  7. Looks roomy, efficient/logical, with plenty of space to hide the plumbing, and not an eyesore.

    Of course architects hate it…

  8. It all stems from Palladio, which was a revival of the Roman villas of Vitruvius, which was based on Greek styles, which mimicked in stone the features of buildings original constructed of wood…

    Done by a very good architect it was all about proportion, lesser practitioners and their clients added more ornament, speculative builders built down to a price using off-the-shelf ornament in standard sizes, modern imitations omit the ornament and misunderstand the scale and proportions altogether

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