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Good question

Is sex the best way to sell suits when we’re still social distancing?

Markets will do that discovery thing for us. Someone will try it and we’ll find out.

18 thoughts on “Good question”

  1. I really like the Toyota gymnast. I don’t need a new car just now though. I wonder if Toyota sales are going up?

  2. What a great name for the CEO

    the company’s CEO and founder, Fokke de Jong

    A man who obviously has his finger on the pulse

  3. Nobody seems to recognise how good women in suits or dresses look. Incompatibility with fashion and real life tastes. It is almost impossible to find a good women’s waistcoat despite their allure.

  4. “One progressive aspect of the latest adverts is that they feature same-sex couplings. Abad says this is a bid to attract the attention of the generation Z customer.”

    I’m glad we’ve got to the end of the generation alphabet before they start featuring donkeys, corpses, and Emily Thornberry.

  5. @ Rowdy
    That’s because the handful of limp-brained woke twats are the ones who get publicised by the Grauniad, NYT, BBC etc

  6. I don’t know if it will sell suits. But the Guardian seems to think sex will sell newspapers.

  7. Nice try Dio, but Fokke is a uniquely frysian name roughly meaning “warrior/protector” in origin. 😛

    Mind, you can tell he’s dutch.. That level of “shock” is about on-par over here. Nothing special.
    Unless, of course, you’re an easily-frazzled puritanical Brit/US-ian…

  8. The extreme closeups of the models who are not masked and have visible tongues in some instances are likely meant to have potential customers thinking about shopping at Suitsupply,” says Adrianne Pasquarelli, a senior reporter at Ad Age, “[but] the fact that we are not yet, or even nearly yet, at that post-pandemic period makes the ads even more controversial. Millions are still waiting for vaccinations as we hit the one-year mark.”

    This pandemic is fucking rubbish. If it had any balls it would have killed every cunt quoted in this article, starting with Adrianne, who apparently thinks ‘getting your face out for the lads’ is controversial.

  9. Interesting to see that the lady seems to actually like our version of the Mahometan face covering for women.

    Will the next claim be that the burka is the latest in female liberation?

  10. @Boganboy… I wouldn’t get too distressed about it mate. We’re a long way past the “Satirical Event Horizon”!

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