Government’s such a good way of running things, isn’t it?

It said: “The underpayment affected married women whose husbands reached pensionable age before 2008 and who were unknowingly entitled to ‘enhanced pension’ that would have boosted their payments by up to 60%.

They can’t even hand out free money.

Anyone know the details of this?

4 thoughts on “Government’s such a good way of running things, isn’t it?”

  1. The key detail is that the error started in 2008 under the Brownite terror, and presumably was planned under the Blairite terror. So even the bloody socialists can’t organise free money.

  2. Reportedly this was uncovered by Steve Webb who made a FOI request in early 2020, four-and-a-bit years after he ceased to be Pensions Minister. Which itself boggles the mind.

  3. Furthermore, was it not the case that this quirk of the state pension system was abolished precisely because it had the regressive effect of enabling men whose income was sufficiently high that their wives did not need to engage in paid employment to secure for them a widow’s pension at the expense of higher income tax and national insurance contributions being levied on poorer households?

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