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Has he spoken to Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge on this?

I watched the BBC 4 Storyville documentary on the Haut de la Garenne childrens’ home scandal in Jersey last night. The FT has a write up on the issue here.

The documentary was new. What it revealed was a damning picture of an island more concerned with financial services than it was with clear evidence of child abuse, even if there was less certain evidence that children died as a result.

I had no involvement in this story, but knew, and in some cases still know many of those involved in it, at least from the political side.

Or is working with Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge, on tax abuse stories in the UK more important than Islington care homes?

7 thoughts on “Has he spoken to Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge on this?”

  1. I had no involvement in this story
    Why does he feel the need to tell us this? Of course he had no involvement, just like 99.999% of the population. But of course, if he had been involved, it would have all been ok.
    I look forward to his pronouncements on the rape of young girls by Asian grooming gangs and how Bradford should be taxed more to solve the problem.

  2. Has the fat fuck nothing between his ears?

    The Haute cockrot was debunked years ago. The infamous coconut shell skull and Neolithic remains being the jist of it. Along with insane shite about an old bath found beneath a 3 foot sub floor space meaning it was the site of a “torture chamber”. The torture must have cut both ways then with adults bent more than double under 3 ft headroom.

    In short pure bullshit. Like the rest of his output.

  3. With reference to the apparently unconscious self-regard, I was reminded of this quote from Ladt Catherine de Bourgh:

    “If you are speaking of music…it is of all subjects my delight. There are few people in England I suppose, who have more true enjoyment of music than myself, or a better natural taste. If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.”

    (No, I didn’t read the book, I saw the film, like any modern person would.)

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