I know ‘Spoon’s are big but

Wetherspoons to open 18 new pubs creating 2,000 jobs

111 jobs per pub?

11 thoughts on “I know ‘Spoon’s are big but”

  1. Off topic but ho ho ho as a revealing typo creeps in to spud’s moan about how companies aren’t paying enough tax. He wrote two reports on this years back….

    “Both coveted the years 2000 to 2004, inclusive”

    I’ll bet they did. Spud covets other people’s money.

  2. Probably not actually doing the calculations, but they have lots of part timers, then there’s extra delivery drivers, more food being produced, extra drink being brewed, whatever extra bureaucracy. Though do not imagine that equates to 111 jobs for a single pub.

  3. The headline is misleading. They are opening 18 pubs and expanding operations in the rest of the chain, creating 2,000 jobs.

  4. They’re open, what, 8am to midnight, 7 days a week? (Possibly not those hours every day, but probably not far off). That’s 112 hours a week. Minimum 2 staff on at all times (bar & kitchen – food served all day), probably actually at least 4 to run one of their places, with more at peak times. That gives around 500 staff hours a week, probably 600. Then you have to pay for holidays, so say 700 paid hours for 600 actual. Add on the manager and support and it’s perhaps 750. 111 jobs would only be 7ish hours each per week, which would be a bit of a short week even for pub staff. Must be more jobs elsewhere too.

  5. 2000 jobs if any of the work couldn’t be covered by existing infrastucture and organisation, or aren’t gig jobs.. Which of course they are for a fair part.

    So those glorious jobs never materialise in reality.

  6. Multiplier effects, Timbo, multiplier effects.

    Great excuse to fluff up the numbers for a press release (cf Government spending announcements)

  7. The thinkg about covid passports is that actually they are a quite clever use of catch 22. The traditional way of circumventing stuff like this is to meet a fella down the pub, who will sell you some way around the problem….

  8. I understand Wetherspoons will not voluntarily enforce or require covid passports. So they can have my custom. I won’t go in where they want to see my papers.

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