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In what world is this true?

And in the face of that England (but not Wales and Scotland, where vaccination has been considerably better managed)

20 thoughts on “In what world is this true?”

  1. A world in which Ritchie is hoping for a peerage/job/grant and think his prospects are better outside England.

  2. Oh the self-awareness on display

    This blog is important to me. So are the comments. But trolls are not. I am on a deletion by default policy right now, because my antennae is rarely wrong on new commentators after years of experience.

    Hilarious, in its way!

  3. What world is he living in? He thinks the NHS is preparing for a 3rd wave. I think he might be prognosticating on the basis of his bowel movements. In little known news

    For a start, we now face a different pandemic from that which we faced last year : the virus has mutated.

    He knows for a fact that the vaccines have been rendered useless. But not to worry, the moment for dictatorship of the balance sheet might still arrive <That is that the sense of disappointment that might follow the crushing of hope that the government has unwisely created will be intense. It might even turn to anger.

    It’s like reading an unperformed script for Hancock’s Half Hour

  4. Diogenes

    He’s genuinely one of the most misanthropic commentators I have ever seen but That particular post is real evidence of how evil I think he is. What kind of person hopes we’re back in lockdown later in the year?

    He also seems incredibly busy – why the demand fit ever more money? It’s not like he has time to work any of it FFS

  5. He’s taken the “Hmm, perhaps the NHS should have a plan if here is a third wave?” to mean “There will be a third wave”.

  6. I’ve got better things to do with my time than read his drivel so all I see are the choice bits quoted here, but wasn’t he recently saying that the vaccine will be ineffective and there will be tens of thousands of deaths from Covid every day by midsummer?

    It sounds more like wishful thinking that vaccination (or natural herd immunity, or warmer weather suppressing the virus) isn’t working so that his prediction might be proven true.

  7. “but not Wales and Scotland, where vaccination has been considerably better managed”

    I suspect that he’ll be rapidly searching for someone else to bend over for, by about 8:30 in the morning of May 7th.

  8. as of 14th March, over 55s vaccinated are:
    England 85%
    Scotland 82%
    Wales 75%
    NI 61%
    how is that worse management?

  9. Bloke in North Dorset


    Without going there and trying to decipher his drivel, last I heard he was in the “full vaccination” camp ie it only counts when the 2nd vaccine has been given.

    That thinking was started by FBPE types trying to defend the unholy mess the EU is making of their vaccination programs. Spud was very much in that group using this sleight of hand to defend the EU. Sadly for them France and Germany have both gone down the single vaccine route for longer periods so, as they sing at soccer matches: its all gone quiet over there.

    My guess he’s been looking at the second dose figures.

  10. BiND
    so with the continuing car crash in Europe, I can’t wait to see his excuse when the UK more quickly rolls out the second doses later in the year.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just had a quick look at the 2nd dose numbers and they look like what he’s basing his claim on:

    Eng 3%
    Sco 4%
    Wal 12%
    NIr 4%

    Of course all that means is that Wales has chosen to have fewer people benefiting from a single dose. The maths of that is that more people will die from Covid.

    If we look at % of total shots given:

    Eng 51%
    Sco 49%
    Wal 59%
    NIr 48%

    Those numbers are against the adult population of those countries I got of the web so open to some variation, but the biggest factor is that we would need to know the numbers in each of the Phase 1 priority list groups. My guess is that Wales has an older and less healthy pop than the rest and that’s how the vaccine will be distributed.

    Anyone who thinks that the health systems in England, Scotland and NI are sitting on unused vaccines because they’re incompetent is a fool. And what do they think would happen if it got out the Govt wasn’t distributing vaccines equitably?

  12. Cue music


    (Tony is looking through a microscope.)

    Tony: Come here, Sid! I tell you, that virus is mutating. Just look at it, Sid! The end of our species is in sight. No more cream teas on Cheam High Street. No more games of cricket on the Rec. It’s mutating before my very eyes! What in the world can we do?

    Sid: Let me have a look.

    (Wanders over and looks through the microscope)

    (Sid chuckles)

    Tony: It’s no laughing matter. This is the end of us.

    Sid: You’ve dropped a bit of dandruff on the slide.

  13. Anyone who claims people aren’t ‘fully vaccinated’ when a single dose gives high 90% against serious disease and 100% against death from Covid is just a whining, ridiculous EUCopium addict.

    I mean these people haven’t got the basic common sense to avoid falling in the fucking enormous man traps just waiting for them.

  14. Rob

    “Anyone who claims people aren’t ‘fully vaccinated’ when a single dose gives high 90% against serious disease and 100% against death from Covid is just a whining, ridiculous EUCopium addict.”

    Or Mr Ecks.

  15. Keep on chortling mugs.

    Nothing like having your DNA fucked over by untested gene-writing cockrot in exchange for abolishing 90% of your 0.01 % chance of dying from a bad winter flu.

    While the UK econ takes it up the shitter from vax saviour Bogus Johnson. And your turn on Poverty street approaches. £15000 now pissed up the wall by covid freakshow for every UK adult.

    And if you don’t have any physical issues you are selling your birth-right of freedom for a mess of very shite pottage when Bogus uses your vax cowardice and desire for a holiday FFS to introduce the start of social credit tyranny UK.

    “But Bogus wouldn’t do that–its tinfoil hat stuff”.

    He has already told you that it will be windwank Leccy at 4x price minimum and 60-90 grand electric cars. Which=no-cars-for-plebs. He already told you that–I suggest you stop listening to your inner smug and listen to what the cunt is saying. And notice how all avenues of dissent are being shut down. Protests first and also notice that Bogus is doing fuckall about ending SNP free speech abolition. Indeed he usually copies their antics at some point. Notice Ofcom creeping for Internet control. While commenters on this blog sit there like a bunch of clapping seals. The UK is being lined up for a knockout blow.

  16. Tubby Tuber has been pinning his mast to the SNP for ages now in the vain hope that they’re fucking stupid / bent / ignorant etc enough to have him. Strange that he’s nothing to say now that Seaweed is on her last miserable, corrupt legs. They deserve each other in a very warped way.

  17. I had the Oxford this morning. Back last year when I had the flu jab I had a headache for around 6 hours. This jab, nothing, nada, no headaches, tiredness, chills or clots. Probably administered a sugar solution placebo or something to boost national optimism but it certainly wasn’t some modified combo of chimpanzee cold and hubei bat that I’d been promised as I would have certainly felt *some* thing. Even got a bottle in of Australian white that was on offer because China had a hissy fit and wouldn’t buy it.
    Batch AZ4120****.
    Avoid. One star.

  18. It profits a man nothing to lose his soul in exchange for the whole world but for Benidorm/Round UK P&O maskie-on cruises….

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