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It’s also a mere trickle of power…..

Ok, enough of the grim stuff. The mobile phone powered by pee was a fascinating idea, using the live bacteria in urine to generate electricity. The professor responsible for the project believes it could be scaled up and included in the fabric of houses. McGavin described it as “a ubiquitous and never-ending” fuel source.

9 thoughts on “It’s also a mere trickle of power…..”

  1. “Can I borrow your phone, mate?….

    Ah, it’s one of those, is it?…well, maybe not, then…”

  2. Now if he could produce electricity from shit, especially of the male bovine variety, then we could force all the ecomentalists to install it and the renewable energy problems would all be solved.

  3. I have always called so-called “renewables” piddle power . The term was –I think- coined by the late great Peter Beckman of the “Access to Energy” newsletter to which I subscribed in the 1980s.*

    I never dreamed the morons would make it a literal fact though.

    * Along with the paper proto-blog “The Connection” prev Libertarian Connection. Run by Erwin S “Filthy Pierre” Strauss.

  4. Urine can be quite acidic, pH under 5.0 in certain conditions. Enough to make a battery, I suppose.
    Attaching a battery as big as a truck’s to your mobile is a pretty extreme virtue gesture, however.

  5. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Ducky, let’s solve two problems for the price of one.

    Relocate Hong Kong to Brighton.

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