Just for Jussi

Or even, allied to a comment by Jussi:

The original meaning of the Finnish word raha (“money”) was “squirrel skin”.

8 thoughts on “Just for Jussi”

  1. I did not know that, but I do remember many people jokingly referred to squirrel hides/skins as payment and money. I guess you skinned some and sent them off to the palaces in Moscow and London (to be fashioned into furry knickers ) in exchange for something more practical.

  2. Having lived in a cold climate (Moscow) I find it difficult to think of something more practical than furry knickers…..

  3. Diogenes,I know Jimmy’s house in Epsom, it’s white and near the tracks, narrow plot. I once attended a running race where he opened it stinking of booze wearing a white dinner jacket thingy.

    Jimmy must’ve given a few houses to his ex wives before this time because I remember him having a bigger house around Oxshott.

  4. And I thought our recently invented hobby was so hip, avant garde and bohemian.

    I weep to think it is actually so bourgeoise, capitalist, and mainstream.

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