Language matters

Twenty police officers have been injured at a “kill the bill” demonstration in Bristol during which protesters stoned a police station and set fire to vehicles in what the city’s mayor has condemned as “self-indulgent” and counterproductive violence.

Avon and Somerset police have made seven arrests so far but have vowed to track down hundreds of people involved in what its chief constable, Andy Marsh, described as “criminality and thuggery”.Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees, said the violence was counterproductive to the campaign against the government’s plans to give police more powers against protesters as part of the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill.

Kill the bill” is meant to be about the parliamentary bill, not killing rozzers. But then with the state of education today some might have got confused….

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  1. “Old Bill” has been slang for the plods for a long time now. And this is by no means the first Parliamentary Bill for which this sort of double meaning has used.

  2. Bristol mayor, Marvin Rees, said the violence was counterproductive ….”I am from communities who are disproportionately likely to be on the receiving end of the criminal justice system and receive unfair treatment…”

    Lol, he’s an African whose ‘ community’ commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime in England and who don’t like that there are consequences for it…

    The shadow home secretary, Nick Thomas-Symonds, described the scenes as “awful” and “shocking”, tweeting: “There is no excuse whatsoever for this violence. Thinking of those officers who have been injured, and their families, and wishing them a swift recovery.”

    This from the party that kneels for BLM criminals.

    All in all, a night of business as usual for AntiFa/ BLM.

  3. I’m with The Sage – the phrase was chosen deliberately to allow exactly the response with a sheen of plausible deniability.

    Anything else happened in Bristol within recent memory?

  4. Clapham Common demo good
    Clapham Common police bad
    Parliament deplores police action

    Bristol demo bad
    Bristol police good
    Parliament deplores demonstrator action

  5. “protesters stoned a police station and set fire to vehicles in what the city’s mayor has condemned as “self-indulgent” and counterproductive violence.”

    Talking of language, “self-indulgent” sounds like the sort of silly weakness we are all occasionally guilty of, doesn’t it? Like an extra helping of pudding, or talking about our own interests a bit too much.

  6. >with the state of education today some might have got confused
    A good slogan leaves no room for the “man-from-mars” to get confused. If you have to explain your slogan, it’s a bad slogan. “Kill the bill” is the worst slogan since “remain”.

    These people must be imbeciles or something, because they failed to apply the most basic test in politics: “how will my political opponents spin this?”. Had they done that, the answer would be obvious: “use the ambiguity in the slogan to cast us as rowdy, anarchist thugs, thus diverting attention away from our actual complaint of the protest bill’s free speech implications”.

    Preaching to the choir is dumb. They should have picked a nice milquetoast slogan like “right to protest”, and thus capitalised on the inconvenient fact that to talk about you the media has to use your name. Look at BLM, they got this to a T.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    @ Henry Crun

    The more amazing thing is that something as current as Line of Duty can be a BBC show!

  8. Much as I despise socialist scum, after 12 months of Bogus Johnson’s costumed thug squads abusing UK public and bashing peaceful protesters who just want their lives back,it was not at all unwelcome to see Mr Scumbag Plod get some of his own medicine back.

    And someone on twitter claims that the registration number of at least one burned cop car has an MOT that ran out last Jan. Which means it was a junker that Plod fired themselves or put in harms way hoping it would be burned. Shame the cheapo scamsters were too greedy to do the job properly.

    Even that vile cow Ash Sakar was talking sense on the BBC about the unacceptability of an Act that makes one man placard protest a criminal offence.

    While the BBC cunts were bringing out dickheads from South Yorks squealing about water cannons and more power for Plod.

    This is how Hitler did the job people. But all those law and order krauts got rather too much law and later on a shitload of death and misery as the wages of their stupidity. Not to mention all the respectable German females who ended up with a heaping helping of Soviet dick as their pay off for kissing the state’s arse.

    The Bristol Antifa whatever scum have shown that not taking Plod -crap can get results. Much as I loathe socialism I think they are likely right that unless we become fighters on every level Bogus Johnson IS going to turn UK into a police state. He seems to be getting away with his shit. If you can get mugs to swallow vax-shite =your freedom back and in the next breath tell them 5 grand fine for going abroad–then seems to me UK cowardly clapping seals are fucked.

    Lots of dim seals on this blog. Still think vax shite is going to get your life back for you?

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