Missed a trick here

Iused to have nothing against Mumford and Sons. Or at least no more than I have against all music involving accordions. But I find myself developing an intense dislike for three out of the four members of the popular music group.

Come along now, we all know it’s “popular beat combo”.

6 thoughts on “Missed a trick here”

  1. And I have an intense dislike for the fourth. If he liked the book, he liked the book. No need for an apology and I’m pretty sure that no matter how grovelling the apology was, it won’t be good enough. Just stand up for yourself: “I liked the book, get over it.”

  2. I find myself developing an intense dislike for Dolly Murray. How can anyone be against zydeco? or the incomparable Flaco Jimenez?

  3. @FrankH.

    Precisely. His lack of backbone simply empowers the mob and when they smell blood they come back for more. Appeasement never works. If you have principles, have the guts to stand by them or don’t bother in the first place. The apology was positively Maoist. He comes across as a snivelling little coward. The only way to respond to these people is with a robust refusal and to remind them that they are the problem and they are the nasty, horrible, immoral monsters here. And keep doing it.


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