Neil Ferguson: Why I broke lockdown rules

“Because I was horny”

is one potential answer.

“How dare you plebs question the behaviour of your superior”

is another one.

Of course, I’ve not bothered to read the article to find out which one he deployed. Given that the second is clearly the one he meant.

16 thoughts on “Neil Ferguson: Why I broke lockdown rules”

  1. When driving to/from work I wear my NHS badge to show I’m one of the priviledged elite and should be waved through without questioning.

  2. I wouldn’t bother reading it. Its under his own byline and is a self-serving load of crap. He, of course, was correct at every turn and his “modelling” was perfect. Any criticism is just cherry picking (He would of course have been open to debate, but just not from those sorts of people who could analyse his model and ask why we should believe someone who has been consistently wrong on pandemics over many years).
    He should be fed to baby lions, to draw out the process for as long as possible.

  3. Indeed Jimmers. There’s need of scientific research. The use of lions in the incentivisation of public sector employees. Most definitely not modelled.

  4. Proof he is useful and well protected: the RSPCA didn’t go after him in the wake of the great cattle slaughter of 2001. He obviously doesn’t do much country walking: I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being trampled by justly aggrieved cows.

  5. Come now, lads.

    Sure, he thinks he’s pretty important.

    But it’s not him who made him important. That was done by the fucked-up elected government and its system of running the country and making decisions.

    It’s unreasonable to expect a pointy-head of little apparent skill to devalue himself based on facts. But you’d rather hope the government would devalue his opinion and his entire caste.

  6. The Astrologer Royal may have consigned more Britons to an early death than the Luftwaffe managed. I hope he’s proud of that.

  7. The Beeb did a week of specials on How the Government has handled The Virus. Two highlights.
    1. Not once in the whole week was the word ‘Sweden’ uttered.
    2. Ferguson was given a slot in which to mark his own homework. His verdict was “I think we did pretty well”.

    Bonus highlight. Last night they had a special report from Iceland. (I guess the reporterette went for the volcano but since nothing was happening she had to file a report on something). Consisted of lots of footage of Icebabes clubbing. Zero Social Distancing. Iceland apparently has contained The Virus by means of an effective Test and Trace programme. (Whatever happened to ours?) Not one single mention of IceLockdown. Did it even happen?

  8. Didn’t he also at least once claim that as his team didn’t personally run a Sweden scenario it was a Swedish team using his model so he cannot be criticised or held responsible for the results

  9. Theophrastus (2066)


    Ferguson worked on the team running the Imperial College modelling of Foot & Mouth, but the team was led by Roy Anderson, whose doctorate IIRC was on parasitology…

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