No, not really Julie, not really

That’s not to say that only the EU suffers from the march of the Little Big Men (LBM). Look at Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, who single-handedly has destroyed the stereotype of the Welsh as a roguish, lyrical people, with his love of lockdowns and insistence that baby food and sanitary towels were “non-essential” items. And that’s not to say that all Little Big Men are male – look at Nicola Sturgeon, the Joan of Arc of admin, who never saw a pint pot she didn’t want to penalise for not being metric.

We have one of our own leading the Labour Party; Keir Starmer, whose more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger mien reminds one of that teacher who wasn’t cross, just disappointed, but who might one day snap if the class continued to play the fool. There is a distinct “you won’t like me when I’m angry” feeling about the LBMs – but we don’t like them anyway, for being bossy bores, which takes away their bargaining power somewhat.

But it’s mostly an EU thing.

Sure, nice insults and all that but no, not really.

The problem with the EU is that it puts such people in power. Not just over some minor Celtic nation that no one gives a toss about, but over an entire continent. This is the future, a bureaucrat regulating the human race, forever.

4 thoughts on “No, not really Julie, not really”

  1. The late Noël Coward summed it up thus – “Never trust short men, brains too close to their bottoms.”

  2. Removing such creatures from positions of power would be a good plan. Both Sturgeon (+ her scum buddy Humza)and Duckturd could easily be handed virus-treason charges that would have them shitting bricks and out of office . And Stumour could be arrested by security service dross to investigate his Trilateral connection. Prob nothing in that but as has been said the process is the punishment.

    Not that Bogus Johnson is going to touch his police state allies of course.

  3. Who apart from our Julie ever thought of the Welsh as a ‘roguish lyrical people’? Flanders and Swann described the malevolent leek-munching homunculi far better:
    “The Welshman’s dishonest, he cheats when he can
    He’s little and dark, more like monkey than man
    He works underground with a lamp in his hat
    And he sings far too loud, far too often and flat”

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