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No, this isn’t what the problem is

Barriers to justice: ‘We are still governed by the idea that women lie about sexual assault’

Rather, it is factually true that some women lie about sexual assault. Which is a problem for we desire to, insist on if we can that, those who sexually assault spend considerable time locked away. Therefore we need a system which discriminates between those lying and those not.

If we didn’t have that problem then we’d not have a problem, would we?

6 thoughts on “No, this isn’t what the problem is”

  1. Sexual assault occurs at every level of Australian society, from homes, schools, to workplaces and even, allegedly, the houses of parliament

    No wonder Mrs Mangel was such a bitch.

  2. Given that the majority of rape allegations made to Police fall apart after even cursory investigation, yes women do lie about sexual assault.

  3. If a man is to be imprisoned for rape, on the immediate & unproven basis of accusation, can a woman be burned as a witch, on the immediate & unproven basis of an accusation?

    She should be careful what she wishes for.

    Evidence, courts, judges & trials may not be perfect, but they’re the best thing we’ve managed to date…

  4. I did like the sexual consent app. Of course an even more effective idea would be one step access to any records of assault allegations by anyone.

    People’d avoid them like the plague —– oops covid. They could be sure they’d never be bothered again.

  5. The problem with consent apps and consent in general at the moment is that feminists insist that consent can be withdrawn at any time, even after the fact. They have taken a simple concept and turned it into something complicated and one-sides, e.g. conditional consent so only consented to sex with a condom, then it breaks so consent is automatically withdrawn at that point, or waking up in the morning with regrets. Men of course are always up for it and even drunk can give informed consent while women can’t.
    Look at the case a couple of years back with the footballer, the women went to the police over something like losing her handbag and when she described her drunken orgy/gangbang it was the police turned it into a rape case.
    The problem they have with jury trials is that the public are much more sensible about these things

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