Not really about covid

Chocolate seller Thorntons is the latest retailer to disappear from the high street, more than a century after it started life, putting 600 jobs at risk.

The firm’s retreat could lead to all 61 UK stores being closed permanently after sales were hammered by the pandemic.

Sorta, sorta,

Thornton made sales of £122m and a loss of £35m in the UK for the year to the end of August in 2019.


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  1. The thing with Thornton’s, I noticed with them being a local Sheffield firm, is they moved from bespoke chocolotier shops to general sales via other retailers, so lost their uniqueness. If you can pick up a pack of Thronton’s in Morrison’s where is the need or pull of a specialist outlet?

    You have to go to a Beres’ to get a Beres’ sandwich, you can buy Simpkin’s Sweets anywhere, mixing the two often doesn’t work.

  2. Ten years or so ago, Thornton’s was the go to high street chocolatier, but has been eclipsed by the more innovative Hôtel Chocolate on the high street and I dare say by the Belgians on-line at the higher end. Today, their chocolate is bland in comparison to that offered by Hotel Chocolate and their retail outlets seem tired in comparison. Pity, but they needed to up their game to survive rather than as I suspect happened, following the cost-cutting route.

  3. Their online shop was terrible. Good job it was available via Amazon. We occasionally sent Thornton’s chocs as presents.

    Um. Spellcheck just rendered chocs as chica! Whatever is it thinking? Has it got insight into my subliminal urges from previous text? Is this a dark Google plot? Where’s the tinfoil!

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    According to the world’s leading chocolate authority, Mrs BiND, Thornton’s are no longer anything special and haven’t been for a number of years. She was distinctly underwhelmed by the box she got for Mother’s day. She had to eat them all just to be sure she hadn’t missed anything 🙂

    They’ve been moving to a business model of instore concessions with the big retails for some time now and that probably makes sense, that’s where the football that is left is going and nobody is going to make a special trip to Thornton’s.

  5. They’ve been struggling for years, and retail space is an expensive way to sell confectionery. Margins have been squeezed for a long time, and the trend for £1 multipacks etc has driven down the price people are prepared to pay. If you can get a half decent box of chops from B and M for a few quid, why go to Thornton’s? After all, Aunty Doris won’t mind, it’s the thought that counts.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “that’s where the football that is left”

    Spellcheck strikes again”

    Spellcheck and lazy/lack of proof reading 🙁

  7. “Thornton’s are no longer anything special and haven’t been for a number of years”: spot on. Dearieshe used to enjoy the occasional box of their choccies but when their standards declined she shopped elsewhere. Indeed, Deariewee spoils her with expensive Belgian choccies so I’ve given in and do likewise.

  8. This thread has more spell check issues than any other.
    Half decent box of chops?

    What next?

  9. This thread has more spell check issues than any other.
    Half decent box of chops?

    What next?

    Theobromine induced finger tremor from overdosing on choccies perhaps

  10. The fact that UK chocolate is referred toas “grout” on the continent may help there in the days of online shopping.

    I distinctly remember the tax-free shop on the Oostende and Hoek van Holland ( old slow) ferries consisting of several rows of belgian and dutch chocolate, and one obligatory row with alcohol.. May have had a reason..

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