Owen Again

So, if we’ve managed to understand Owen’s argument correctly it’s that business must pay more tax because the state provides things expensively and badly. Which is not, we think, one of the most convincing arguments ever put forward.

4 thoughts on “Owen Again”

  1. Why doesn’t continental telegraph or the asi blog appear in the Timmy Around The Web section anywhere?

  2. “business must pay”. Who is this Mr Business ? I don’t think we’ve been introduced.

    P.S. Has Murphy yet complained that AstraZeneca is avoiding taxes by providing the Oxford vaccine at cost?

  3. He doesn’t really understand what a company is, does he? It’s simply individuals combining in an enterprise. Some may work in & for the company. Some may provide the company’s capital. But they’re all individuals. Companies are just a legal fiction. A company can’t benefit from what government provides. It’s just words on a page. The benefits go to individual & groups of individuals. He’s just saying some groups of individuals should be taxed more than other groups of individuals.

  4. I enjoy how Marxists are all for reification in some contexts – labour rights, state control, economic aid – but, when it comes to “businesses” and “right wing” stuff, they dispute their right to exist. It’s such a joke reading Marxist “thinkers” such as Sartre and seeing how tough it is to talk about individuals living out their individual projects, within an intellectual framework that denies any individuality, cos it’s all about class, innit. His attempts to reconcile Freud and Marx are hilarious, but indescribably tedious

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