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He traced the unarguable connections between health and deprivation – from poverty, diet and housing to poor air quality – and interrogated the idea that structural racism might influence not only where we live and the jobs we do, but the treatment we receive from the NHS itself. “As well as a biological pandemic, there’s a racist one,” Harewood sighed wearily. “We’re battling not just one virus but two.”

That there’s a relationship between economic status and health is obvious. That that relationship works both ways – bad health can and will lead to economic downgrading – is something that Michael Marmot etc entirely ignore. That’s also not relevant here, when looking at health and race.

The BAME population in the UK is still, in large part, the result of first generation immigration. So, hands up all surprised that first generation immigrants are not top of the economic pole? That this will also be true of Poles – for example – tells us that this isn’t racism.

If second and third generation are equally distressed then that would mean that there’s something to work on. But we would actually need evidence of that before we worried about it.

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  1. I hate to see such health inequality in the UK, which is partly why I am opposed to immigration.

  2. That program was a travesty- in terms of a genuine exploration of the hypotheses why one demographic suffers from COVID proportionally more than another. Very little more than human interest stories, which would be ok if not coupled with the wokish dogma and catch phrases. The producers shoehorned a woman dying in labour into a program about covid and after being told that equalled institutional and structural racism for the umpteenth time i’m affraid my itchy thumb won out.

  3. The absolute state of the Torygraph tho.

    Harewood even dipped into the radical school of thought in the US which argues that experiencing racism can affect health all on its own.

    It’s got nothing to do with the carbs, booze, fags and drugs they consume, it’s that damn racist phlogiston!

    The only time his composure slipped was during a climactic confrontation with Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch. She dismissed the notion that systemic racism played a part in health or educational inequality, while Harewood simmered with frustration and righteous anger. Badenoch’s government colleagues would have done well to watch this fine documentary with a more open mind.

    Yes, the Conservative government definitely should evince more woke hostility to white people based on racial conspiracy theories.

    Our society still operates in ways that disadvantage black people

    Such as having laws and police n shit.

  4. As the OP mentions, the health/wealth correlation can have causality in both directions.

    But even more so, both caused by a third, common factor.
    If someone has fewer IQs than they have fingers: will they be more able or less able to gain a high-paying job?*
    Likewise, will they be more able or less able to eat, drink and exercise sensibly?

    *There’s always the ‘Diane Abbott Exception’ though.

  5. Another factor not mentioned is that vitamin D is very important in the functioning of the immune system. This is produced when the skin is exposed to sunlight. The darker the natural skin colour the more sunlight is needed to produce adequate vitamin D. Sunbathing is usually regarded as a means of cosmetically darkening the skin, something people with naturally dark skin have no need to do.
    Vitamin D deficiency is likely a significant factor.
    But of course no race hustler would be mad enough to want a solution, that would put them out of work.

  6. What’s the betting that Spud has a section in “The Joy of Tax” about how MOAR Tax™ can cure structural racism?

  7. structural racism might influence […] the treatment we receive from the NHS itself

    Was it the Indian consultant, the Filipino nurse, or the Ugandan pharmacist whose structural racism influenced your treatment?

  8. I’m forever confused about the structural racism of the NHS when the majority of the staff are ethnic minorities. “Jamaican land whale on reception” is such a stereotype it’s now a trope.

    I work in NHS IT and three of us are Chinese, one Pakistani, one Sarf Ifrican and a couple of whitefellas.

  9. @Pat

    On a similar note, there is a race-inspired whinge about pulse-oximeters not working so well for BAMEs. Since they work by shining light THROUGH a finger, this is hardly surprising.
    Nonetheless, it is evidence of Structural Racism. James Clerk Maxwell should be prosecuted for his anti-BAME laws of EM. Or something. It’s Reality to blame.

  10. In Scotland most ethnic minorities have higher life expectancy than whites
    Which either means
    a) racism in Scotland is good for you
    b) Scotland is racist against white Scots
    c) there is something else that is important. For the SNP it probably isn’t Thatcher

  11. The Meissen Bison

    As well as a biological pandemic, there’s a racist one.

    Well, looking on the bright side, at least those other racist diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue, ebola etc. etc. etc. stayed at home.

  12. The Pedant-General

    Has he considered the idea that race hustling doesn’t make you any friends and thereby inhibits your ability to get along and improve your lot?

  13. I have come to hate that word “deprivation”. Presumably some leftist decided to use it years ago because it implies that someone once owned something and that cruel buggers came along and deprived him of it.

    What’s wrong with “poverty”?

  14. Dr Seuss being banned in US, maybe this is what Biden meant by reducing systematic racism in healthcare

  15. “…….If second and third generation are equally distressed then that would mean that there’s something to work on. But we would actually need evidence of that before we worried about it…..”

    Alas, this requires the discussion of banned topics. In particular, the contribution that evolved genetic make-up has to individual human characteristics.

    It is an axiom of woke left-wing thinking that all humans are identical in all respects, and any difference in outcome , of any kind, over the course of their life must be due to unfair treatment – usually by an oppressive class structure (vide Marx).

    It is an axiom of Darwinian evolutionary theory that all life-forms have random and subtly different characteristics, and that as their living environment changes, those whose characteristics are more suited to that change will survive better, passing on their genes so that the population as a whole will adapt itself to their new conditions.

    **** Warning *** The following paragraphs may well be illegal, will certainly cause offence to some, and should not be read by those of a woke disposition….

    It seems likely to me that differing groups of humans have evolved to live optimally in the varying conditions which exist around the world. Consequently, one might expect that humans moving to a different environment may not thrive, or, indeed, survive, as well as those who are already adapted to it. Over time, we should expect new arrivals to adapt genetically and converge on the native gene pattern – but that will take many generations. Thus, for instance, Western Europeans emigrating to a malarial part of Africa might develop a higher proportion of sickle cells in their bloodstream, similar to the native population, who are more resistant to the malarial parasite for this reason.

    This hypothesis might go some way to explaining why the death rates for a winter respiratory disease like Covid are higher for humans in the UK who are categorised as BAME. All right. officer – I’ll come quietly….

  16. @rhoda klapp
    March 3, 2021 at 11:50 am
    “…Smart white people don’t die in Scotland….”

    That’s because smart white people don’t live in Scotland….

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