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Plain clothes coppers in nightclubs

Well, actually, you’ve got to admit that these birds do have a point here:

Plans to protect women by putting plainclothes police officers in nightclubs are bizarre, frightening and “spectacularly missing the point”, campaigners and charities have said.

The plans were outlined by the government as part of the steps it was taking to improve security and protect women from predatory offenders. Called Project Vigilant, the programme can involve officers attending areas around clubs and bars in plainclothes, along with increased police patrols as people leave at closing time.

Bryony Beynon, the managing director of the Good Night Out Campaign, said that the government’s plan was “pretty frightening”, and that it “feels like an increase in police intrusion into social spaces”.

Given the propensity for right on and woke women to drop their knickers for boys not in blue – as shown by the undercover investigations into extremist groups – having more of them hanging around the meat markets could be concerning, no?

30 thoughts on “Plain clothes coppers in nightclubs”

  1. Setting aside the fact that women want their hook ups to be risky, that’s part of the fun, it won’t work for the same reason bobbys on the beat doesn’t work, the crime is too thinly spread for the odds of a copper being in the right place at the right time to be worth the manpower deployed. And of course Jihadis scouting out pissed up infidel whores would have to be diplomatically overlooked.

  2. Agreed, this is an utterly ridiculous proposal from the “something must be done!” school. Marginally better would be to employ nice-looking female plain-clothed police officers, who could issue fixed penalty notices for every lewd comment issued in their direction.


    PPS But at least it might actually work. If it’s just men, we’re paying coppers to go down the pub. And they can pay for their own fucking drinks, thank you very much.

  3. So the answer to plod (allegedly) murdering one of the todays ‘strong, independent women’ (Tm Tim)is for more plod and to lock up all males (except plod) after 6pm.

  4. Maybe putting some uniformed police on the streets might be a better idea. They’re conspicuous by their absence now.
    Was discussing this matter with a mate UK side, yesterday. We’re both of the opinion, the danger women face on the streets is relatively trivial. With this current murder, the media & the “concerned” have been harking back to Suzy Lamplugh. That was nearly 40 years ago FFS. The current victim wasn’t even born. How many blokes have walked into terminal grief on Clapham Common in the interval? It’s men who aren’t safe on the streets. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve run into trouble. Handful of attempted muggings. Couple of serious assaults where I came out on the losing side. Several more where I didn’t. And to be honest, more than one I’ve initiated. You can get into confrontational situations, whether you want to or not. There’s some damned aggressive people out there. You get a choice of humbling yourself or pre-empting. The former’s not always the best option. More likely to encourage them.
    And, of course, profound thanks to successive UK governments. The bulk of nasty aggressive cvnts I’ve chanced upon on London streets have been various tints of enrichment.

  5. and if it’s true a warrant card was used as part of the kidnap of the poor woman then how more warrant card holders in plain clothes an apt response to the tragedy?

  6. There are around 15 murders every week on average in the UK. So presumably quite a few have occurred since the murder of Sarah Everard. Some become worthy of country-wide vigils, others pass unnoticed.

  7. Everything will miss the point, because there’s no real point to be addressed. We’ve already tried outlawing murder. Most people agree that murdering people is wrong. There’s no pro-murder lobby encouraging the killing of innocent human beings (unless you count abortionists, which I do).

    Getting people to refrain from acting on the urge to crack open other people’s skulls has been amazingly successful overall since the Pleistocene, but the number of women killed has stubbornly remained at about 200-odd a year since the 60’s. Which is remarkably low given the dangerously high population churn over that period.

    Some of the protesters had “abolish the police” signs, which sounds like a great way of ensuring more women are murdered, and the perpetrators are never brought to justice.

    No doubt Lessons Will Be Learned if a copper killed that woman, but there’s no way of preventing violent sociopaths circulating in society. I’m not even sure the protesters actually expect anything to change, a lot of this seems like performative grief and anger. There’s nothing wrong with that, necessarily, and it’s better than indifference, but there’s plenty wrong with the stupid and damaging things politicians might do in response.

    [Stella Creasy] called for misogyny to be made a hate crime

    Medieval scholastics were misrepresented as being overly concerned about counting the number of cherubim doing the cha cha on a pinna, but modern talking heads spew insincere bullshit, 24/7. Nobody who isn’t an idiot believes you can prevent murder by making it a doubleplusbad “hate crime”. Nobody who isn’t a malicious liar believes the murder of Sarah Everard says anything about our society.

    I watched a documentary about the Yorkshire Ripper recently. It went hard on the feminist angle, but the feminists interviewed were missing the point too. Sure, 1970’s coppers were what modern soyboys would call “sexist”, and their biases may have hindered the investigation (tho probably not as much as the primitive state of forensic investigative tools at the time). But cops will always be fallible humans and Sutcliffe was always going to do what he did. “Society” didn’t make him that way, there’s no spectrum of behaviour connecting fnarr-fnarr sex jokes to bludgeoning women to death with a hammer. There are always Sutcliffes, and that’s their fault, not ours.

  8. “but there’s no way of preventing violent sociopaths circulating in society.”

    Give them a job where that’s an advantage. And a uniform.

  9. I’m not even sure the protesters actually expect anything to change

    You are right, and the vast majority of the protesters don’t really want much change but do want a chance to emote and show solidarity with the sista’s. The problem comes from the vocal minority bent on constant change and who really want to overthrow the patriarchal world in which we live. Clowns like Stella Creasy and that Green headcase who wants men confined to barracks. Unfortunately our politicians are so craven and headline driven, they will do some damn fool thing without think of the consequences.
    Look at the narrative pushed hard by the likes of Joan Smith and amplified by the BBC/Grauniad – women are badly treated by the criminal justice system! Bollocks, no other form of crime is treated as ‘specially’ as sexual assault/rape against women. Yet the fact that twice as many men are murdered than women is not worthy of mention.

  10. One of the more productive ways of keeping women safe on their journey home after a night out would be to stop trying to make it harder for Uber to provide a service that will get women home safe after a night out, or at least provide an incontrovertible trail of GPS based evidence about where the woman and the driver of the car transporting her went.
    A second method would be to stop all those “health” based challenges that encourage women to walk home to get their step count up rather than calling a car.

  11. I’m shocked AndyF. Sensible simple cheap effective suggestions!!

    The chance of them being adopted is zero.

  12. AndyF.
    Item on breakfast news about these stupid low traffic zones, with a women complaining how her taxi had to drop her off a good distance from her front door at night and how unsafe she felt.
    Funny how the lefty eco-loons never look beyond the first order effects of their ideas.

  13. JuliaM – Yarp. My wife loves serial killer stuff. I find it a bit disturbing. I also felt sorry for Les Battersby, who was also, indirectly, a victim of Sutcliffe.

    Jimmers – Triple yarp.

  14. This whole thing is daft. And on many levels.

    1. It was a man who allegedly did the murderin’.
    Ans: curfew for all men, because all mens are like that.

    2. It was a copper who allegedly did the murderin’.
    Ans: curfew for coppers? No – cus not all coppers are like that. Except the male ones. Maybe. See point 1.

    3. We will have psychos and loonies with us for all time. They do not think like other people do. Criminal actors do not think like other people. “Teach men not to rape or murder.” Will not work. The vast majority of men already do not do this in civilised society. However many times you tell them, someone who believes that God is talking to him through his cat, telling him to do a bit of good old fashioned rapin’ and murderin’ will find a way and a victim – even if you put adverts on the telly saying rape is bad mm’kay?

    4. Labelling all men as wannabe rapists is self-defeating. It just means men are less willing to spend time with women, or help them. Contrary to what they would have you think, it isn’t the police who keep order. It’s the presence of normal men. That’s why crimes like rape aren’t committed in daylight in the street. Because men would stop it.

    5. Weapons. We haven’t got any. Thanks to the government and my parents generation who let the government take them. Harder to defend yourself now. But yeah, keep bleating about how the government should protect you ladies – all the men will be at home safe under curfew while Big Billy McRapist has his way and you can’t stop him cos he’s bigger and stronger.

    6. Murder is rare, if the figure quoted by Andrew C is right, of 15 a week, that’s about 2 per day. 1600 deaths per day in UK on average. Means that’s a whopping 0.125% of deaths… Sounds like we’ve pretty much solved that.
    And your risk can be made lower by not doing stupid things like: being blind drunk late at night in a city, walking home late alone in the dark, not living with an abusive partner, etc, etc*

    *List not exhaustive, and I realize that it contradicts the divine imperative that the wimminz shall do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want without negative consequences

  15. BiS: I am old enough to remember being reassured by the sight of two uniformed bobbies both over six foot with flat stomachs patrolling my walk home from the bus stop, forty odd years later and they’re a different species as wide as they are short, putting them on patrol would be unkind and absolutely no deterrent.

  16. And your risk can be made lower by not doing stupid things like: being blind drunk late at night in a city, walking home late alone in the dark, not living with an abusive partner, etc, etc*

    This is one of the things the feminists were outraged about in the Sutcliffe documentary, coppers asking women to take reasonable precautions to reduce the already small risk of being raped and murdered by a psycho is evil patriarchy trying to control wimmins’ bodies, apparently.

    Also the motivation behind the fad for “slut walks” a few years ago, where hideously unattractive women and their male feminist sexual predator followers took to dressing up as prossies and yammering about “rape culture” in response to the outrageous advice that tottering home drunk and alone at 2am with your tits out isn’t the safest course of action for girls.

    Amusingly, what seems to have cancelled the slut walks was black feminists being upset by their white sisters monopolising all the sweet nectar of attention, and complaining it was all raciss and slavery and colonialism or yadda yadda. No doubt the tranny community also has opinions about this.

  17. Given that men make up around 73% of homicides in the UK and the rate of female homicide is falling (Source ONS) it would seem that this moral panic is misplaced. Who is going to protect men?

    Of course, we don’t let facts get in the way of a moral crusade.

  18. ‘Medieval scholastics were misrepresented as being overly concerned about counting the number of cherubim doing the cha cha on a pinna’: hardly misrepresented – just a colourful paraphrase of WKPD’s ‘Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, written c. 1270, includes discussion of several questions regarding angels such as “Can several angels be in the same place?”‘

  19. “Plans to protect women by putting plainclothes police officers in nightclubs are bizarre, frightening and “spectacularly missing the point”,”

    yeeeaaahhh… Because having plainclothes officers witnessing/noticing people being….flirtatious while under the influence” is a major brake on the opportunity for regret “rape” complaints.

    Them picking up on all the snorting of sugar, popping of “paracetamol”, and Drunk-off-your-Arse Bitchfight moments of the Hallowed Ladies on the spot as eyewitnesses doesn’t really help as well, I guess..

  20. Have you still got that ASBO thing going on in the UK ?
    Never really understood what that was or who was doing it, but sort of had the notion it was some sort of modern interpretation of the Bobby on the beat (that was probably ineffective and picked on the wrong people)

  21. There is a reasonable probability that women are more at risk from male policemen than from any other group.
    If you take the total number of policemen then add up all the assaults by uniformed thugs on protesters, picnicers, dog walkers, duck feeders, parents walking their children in the park etc, it is evident that the police are far more likely to assault women than the average male.
    Therefore to keep wimminz safe the only answer is a curfew on male police IF you subscribe to their logic

  22. BlokeinaShed–ASBOs are Bliar-created shite designed so that you can be punished for things that aren’t crimes but some turd doesn’t like and complains about.

    I recall the “case” of the old bag who had one taken out against a woman across the street who occasionally answered her (the neighbours own -not the bags) door while in her underwear. The short exposure violated no laws. Briefly -no pun intended- being in her own doorway in her under garments (which allow no more exposure than a bikini say) is not a crime. But the dried up old cunt got the neighbour some punishment via an ASBO and a busybody beak.

    So no–ASBOs are not an asset to UK.

    Per the main topic–the ever great CRIMEBODGE has a contribution most worthwhile.

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