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Quora questions I’ll not try to answer

Why is it that Nigeria is so successful in creating inflation (see link) but the supposedly smarter economists at federal reserve, with all their Harvard Phds, cannot achieve in spite of printing a shitton of money? Are black economists are smarter?

That could be just good trolling of course but still…..

3 thoughts on “Quora questions I’ll not try to answer”

  1. Shame, because if you tried to answer it you might come up with some useful conclusions. Why do some countries experience monetary collapse and others don’t, despite massive money supply inflation in both?

  2. Jim, Nigeria can’t export it, or otherwise sink it.

    There’s an awful lot of shit questions on Quora.

  3. Oh schit:
    “Poverty is also swelling. About 94 million Nigerians live on less than US$1.90 a day last year, more than in any other country. This is supported by a report by Brookings Institution which showed that Nigeria has already overtaken India as the world’s poverty capital. A 2020 report released by Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA) showed that the number of citizens in extreme poverty now stands at about 102 million due to the coronavirus pandemic.”
    Not good news at all. Someone will latch on to this and ask ‘is neoliberalism failing’? A few tiny voices will say give it a try. The currency fixing and energy price controls have to go. Something wrong with planning and property rights too:
    “Lagos is the most expensive city in Africa. In Ikoyi, the average price of three-bedroom apartments was NGN 150 million (US$393,700) in H1 2020 while five-bedroom apartments are sold for an average price of NGN 450 million (US$1.18 million)”

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