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Sam Bowman’s missed trick – we should add “Nigeday”

Sam Bowman suggests that we should celebrate the victory over the coronavirus with a double Bank Holiday:

There is a charm in celebrating that we can all go back to work by taking two days off.

However, there’s a trick being missed here. June 23 rd should be “Nigeday“. For that is the anniversary of that EU referendum.

You know, one’s a foul pandemic that crushed Europe and all we hold dear and the other was a virus. Worth celebrating victory over both.

13 thoughts on “Sam Bowman’s missed trick – we should add “Nigeday””

  1. Seems like a terrible idea. The Spanish flu of 1918 spreading at celebrations of world war victory comes to mind.

  2. I want my freedom back, but two days after everything opens up, everywhere is going to be so packed as to be intolerable. It’ll be worse than the Xmas sales, when those women who haven’t been able to shop for 24 hours become like heroin addicts itchy for a fix, and have to go to Next at 5am.

    I can wait a week before going to the beach or a theme park, thanks.

  3. Given the furore over the Daily Mail’s use of ‘niggling’, ‘Nigeday’ is just inviting trouble.

  4. I don’t see what the victory is.

    Virus retrets of its own accord leaving behind a cowed population and a devastated economy.
    It is a bit like the Ottoman tactics in Europe of two steps forward and one step back to consolidate their gains.

    I think Bowman has been a bit of an arse on this subject.

  5. On this topic, Bowman has shown himself to be a sophistical proponent of totalitarianism. I would prefer everyone to ignore the crypto-Fascist and his idiocies

  6. There would still be no vaccine if every reasonably advanced country had followed the Bowman zero covid policy of last year with massive suppression and border controls.
    The guy is well-meaning, but as Tweedle Dum said earlier, this new idea is another Dundee U.

  7. We should certainly do something to annually commemorate our freedom from EU, but not a film with Mel Gibson.
    And we should honour Lord Nigel of Dundee who made it all possible: the most effective politician since Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

  8. IIRC Bowman was for remain and has been quite vocal in his opposition to Brexit since (one of that small group of supposed libertarians who put trade and making things easier for big businesses over removing layers of government), so this idea would probably piss him off (therefore a good thing!).

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