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Seems the difficult way to do it

How a Cotswold driveway may end up in Natural History Museum after being hit by ‘incredible’ meteor

Instead of moving the driveway wouldn’t it be easier to redefine the museum as including that piece of driveway?

7 thoughts on “Seems the difficult way to do it”

  1. It would help if the driveway were near all the other possible objects of interest, otherwise it probably wouldn’t be worth people’s time in visiting it. Mountain, Mohammed.

  2. “. . . put it into a Waitrose freezer bag, which he put on the counter in the utility room.”

    More exhibits. Should help with London demand.

  3. “– a dark stony material that retains unaltered chemistry from the formation of our solar system 4.6 billion years ago.”

    May retain… All the stuff inside Uranus’ orbit has been playing billiards for that time, and that piece must have been part of the inside of a large body to compress like that…

    The Real Deal™ are floofy, and very rarely, if ever, survive atmospheric entry.
    Someting to do with a loose carbon aggregate at incandescent temperatures being introduced to a high oxygen environment at multiple times the speed of sound..

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