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Shoot the headline writer

A “swarm” of over 20,000 earthquakes has rocked Iceland in the past 10 days — and it could spark a volcanic eruption


Southwest Iceland is currently experiencing a “swarm” of seismic activity, with more than 20,000 earthquakes recorded since February 24, according to the the Icelandic Meteorological Office. The office said magma movements are likely the cause of the current surge on the Reykjanes Peninsula, raising fears of a volcanic eruption.

The earthquakes do not spark or cause a volcano. The movements of the magma – which may or may not lead to a volcano – cause the earthquakes.

The opening paragraph gets this right, the headline writer manages to get it wrong. Shoot them.

4 thoughts on “Shoot the headline writer”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s quite a lot of seismic activity going on. Etna’s been putting on a display just recently, a volcano in Indonesia erupted and there was an earthquake off New Zealand leading to fears of a Tsunami hitting Japan.

    No doubt Greenies will relying Gaia’s angry and we’ve all got to stop flying or something.

  2. Crossed my mind, as well. We’ll be seeing flights cancelled again due to ash clouds over Europe. Things are shaping up well for our tourist industry.

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