Snippa’s snippy at times, inne?

March 29 2021 at 8:34 am
When sailing, I have flown an EU flag instead of a Red Ensign for the 3 years. Seems to get a better reception.

Matt says:
March 29 2021 at 9:43 am
So you happily fly the EU flag without protest yet you moan when others fly the Union Jack? What hypocrisy

Richard Murphy says:
March 29 2021 at 10:24 am
You do realise that a yacht has to be flagged, I presume?

Atcherly, some do know that:

The most senior position for a flag on a vessel is reserved for the Ensign – this is as close to the stern of the vessel as possible. The Ensign shows the country of registry of the vessel and indicates its nationality. A UK flagged vessel must wear her ensign as required by the Merchant Shipping Act, which includes when entering or leaving a foreign port and on demand. It is recommended that the ensign is worn at all times in daylight, especially when near to or in sight of land or another vessel. A UK registered vessel should wear the national maritime flag, the Red Ensign, unless entitled to wear a special Ensign. Wearing anything other than an authorised Ensign is a violation of British and International Law.

The EU flag don’t qualify…..

19 thoughts on “Snippa’s snippy at times, inne?”

  1. Yes, that thought had occurred to me too given the EU is not a state (much as it would like to be) which can register boats. But of course, it’s pointless to post there even had one not been banned.

    Let’s hope the cvnt gets fined or has his boat impounded, ideally by the French.

  2. Oh and this statement in that blog made by the liberal, democratic and open-minded Prof amused

    “Implicit in all this is the deeply anti-democratic view that to disagree is to be unacceptable, when disagreement is at the very heart of democracy.”

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Perhaps an EU flag as a courtesy flag as well for an even better reception? I wonder what BiND’s remainer yachting pals do.

  4. I suppose that for Spud and his cronies – Clive Parry strikes me as about 2 on the Spud scale – a good reception is anything other than being told to f*** off with extreme prejudice. At least, that is what I would say to them

  5. And I’ll bet that Clive Parry is one of those self-entitled twunts who cuts about danger-close to a warship as it’s entering or leaving harbour (because “steam gives way to sail!”) and, after giving a perfunctory twitch of a halyard, bombards everyone from the First Sea Lord down with snottygrams that the ship didn’t dip its ensign in return (because the OOW at harbour stations has so much spare time for these matters…)

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m not aware of seeing anyone wearing an EU flag. The only place it could go legally is on the port spreader, along with club and other burgers. The starboard spreader is reserved for courtesy flags, eg country flag when entering foreign ports or signalling, eg Q flag.

    If he entered France with the EU flag flying anywhere it shouldn’t be, and especially above the Tricolour on the starboard spreader, the Gendarmerie would be marching him straight down to a cash point, they really don’t mess about.

    Re Jason’s point, someone did brag on the sailing forum I use a few years ago that they’d insisted that they get a returned salute from a warship, the consensus was that they were twats.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I should have checked the RYA’s flag etiquette page first, not as an afterthought:

    “ Flag etiquette is a combination of law (what you must do) and maritime tradition (expectations of behaviour within the sea faring community).

    Being ill-informed of your obligations could lead you to cause insult at home or abroad by giving a signal you do not intend to give, or could lead you to a fine for breaking the law.

    For many who go to sea, flag etiquette and flag rules are an essential part of the overall sailing process. Only with the right flag, correctly positioned, can you to be sure that you are giving the correct message and that any signal you are giving is clear.”

    “Land flags

    The Union Jack, Welsh Dragon, the Crosses of St Andrew, St George and St Patrick and the EU flag are primarily land flags and must not be flown at sea as an Ensign by cruising yachtsmen. At sea the cross of St George is the flag of an Admiral and it should therefore not be flown by anyone else, without special dispensation. A vessel flying the St Andrew’s Cross could be mistaken as saying “my vessel is stopped and making no way through the water” as this is the meaning of code flag M which has the same design and the St Patrick s Cross could be misinterpreted as code flag V “I require assistance”. “

  8. Richard Murphy says:
    March 29 2021 at 10:24 am
    You do realise that a yacht has to be flagged, I presume?

    Ah, that keen wit and insightful intellect – that responds to a question not asked.

    No one was saying anything about him flying a flag – only *which flag* he flew.

  9. Also, you don’t register vessels to the EU. Its not, technically, a state. You register your vessel to one of the member states and fly that flag.

    Or, more commonly, you register your vessel in Liberia and fly that flag.

  10. Rob
    March 29, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    ‘Strange for people who go on and on and on about international law.’

    But international law is simply a way for little cliques of such people to make up laws to bully everyone else.

    Surely you wouldn’t expect THEM to obey them. That’s as ghastly as expecting them to pay attention to the lockdown.

  11. Dear Tim Worstall,

    I am late to this. Could you please explain, maybe through dedicated posts, quite why you spend your days following this twat about? He is a twat, you are correct, but the problem is when does this just turn into an obsession? Are you bored? You’re literally whinging about him flying an EU flag, illegally. Did he snub you at boarding school?

    Have you ever wondered whether, maybe, he is aware of your existence and is just doing this specifically to annoy you? Owen Jones is aware that everyone hates him and has made a career out it. He was shocked when eventually someone kicked the crap out of him, as until that point it was all safe and lucrative.

    Hence, have you ever thought that Ritchie is aware that what he is doing is either designed to piss you off, or that you are obsessed with him? A thought would then be, why not go and beat him up?

    Come on, do it, that way, the rest of us would know you are sincere.

  12. ASM. It’s a sport and the best part of this blog. I enjoy every few days chuckling at what the pompous fool has said and how many people he has become upset with on his own blog and banned. Anything that summarises his foolishness without my having to read through his pages and pages of drivel is welcome. Consider it like the highlights on match of the day.

  13. ASM–already been down this route. It is Tim’s hobby and its his blog. Quite what he would do if Murph had a sudden encounter with his Maker is not clear. It would probably save some blogging time.

    Given the times–when that short BlueLabour cunt Gove is said to be wanting vax passport tyranny one day after consulting with the Uber cunt Bliar–it is likely that there might be better uses of elections.

    But “it is all trivial” is the motto.

  14. ASM. It’s always fascinating to be shown a glimpse of the professors meandering mind. He has an awesome ability to be wrong. I hope to meet him one day. Hopefully in a casino playing on a roulette table. If he bets on red, I’m betting big on black.

  15. ASM, I used to wonder the same, until I had to hop across the channel to blighty to attend a funeral an lo, whose dulcet tones did I hear on the Beeb, but the aforementioned Snippa opining on the issue du jour (and being totally incorrect). Back in Ireland a week later, and he popped up on a serious business program, again being totally wrong about things.

    This man is dangerous. He is too stupid to realise the limits of his knowledge, but he has a knack of getting himself and his opinions onto influential media programs. Tim’s blog serves as a good antidote and a useful resource to point people to if they have questions.

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