So much for his turning his office to profit then….

That did not stop him losing hundreds of millions of dollars while in office. According to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, Trump’s net worth fell from $3 billion to $2.3 billion over the course of his presidency.

11 thoughts on “So much for his turning his office to profit then….”

  1. Replacing the oaf with the noodle will prove a terrible mistake. But at least the noodle will leave office a richer man than when he entered it.

  2. Oddly, the BBC makes no mention of the fact that so many politicians leave office with far greater wealth than when they were elected. So much for balanced reporting by the “trusted” BBC

  3. Trump Derangement Symptom: they’re still going on about him months after he’s gone.

    Will they still be blaming him thirty years hence, as they did with Thatcher?

  4. “Will they still be blaming him thirty years hence, as they did with Thatcher?”

    Of course, its the gift that will keep giving for decades if not centuries.

  5. A cynic might note that (apart from his aeroplanes declining in value as they aged and wore out) the major cause in the fall in Trump’s wealth was the impact of Covid-19 shut-downs that he did his worst to prevent.
    So he deserves no plaudits for any self-sacrifice (if there was any) during his term of office.

  6. @John77: he didn’t take a presidential salary and he couldn’t run his own business. He could have retired wealthy and generally well liked. Instead he made himself enemy number one of all the odious creatures who infest the government. He also ruined his reputation in “polite” society and will now be subject to endless MSM/leftie harassment for the rest of his days. Part of the point of the second impeachment was to remove the requirement that he is provided a security detail by the state – clearly the powers that be expect a hit on him.

    Plenty of self-sacrifice.

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