Spot the trans problem here in this reporting

The massive Republican push to ban trans athletes, explained


28 states have introduced bills to prevent trans kids and women from playing sports. It’s the GOP’s latest attempt to force trans people into hiding.


A Republican lawmaker in her state, Rep. Eric Lucero, introduced a bill this legislative session that would classify trans girls and women playing sports as a petty misdemeanor, roughly equivalent in the state to possessing a small amount of marijuana.


Minnesotan trans athletes like Walker could end up having to appear in juvenile court just for playing tennis.


Outraged yet? You should be. For none of those statements are true.

No one is trying to ban trans athletes, no one is banning trans anyones from playing sport, no one is making trans playing sport a misdemeanour, no one is even suggesting that someone should end up in court for playing tennis.

….legislation aimed at barring trans girls and women from playing girls’ and women’s scholastic sports.

That is true. And it’s entirely different from all of the previous claims.

Now, whether trans girls should be playing girls sports or not is another matter. Before puberty it probably doesn’t make much difference if we’re honest about it. After puberty those who have gone through the male version have a distinct physical advantage. Which is why we have the classification of women’s sports in the first place.

It’s even – possibly – true that after puberty that this doesn’t matter sometimes and does others. I’d be willing to at least consider that it doesn’t at badminton, I know damn well it does in rugby and would think it murder to insist that it doesn’t in boxing.

But the point here is a little different. Look at that reporting. How sodding biased is it and if they were called on it would they even recognise it?

Well, this is Vox, so of course not, but still……

The crusade against trans athletes has been the most successful effort to introduce transphobic discrimination into state law,


by conservative media as proof that all trans girls and women have a “biological advantage” at sports, and should therefore be banned.

Not banned, classified differently.

15 thoughts on “Spot the trans problem here in this reporting”

  1. I’m a badminton coach and believe me it *really does matter*. Badminton is a strength / agility / reaction sport with a medium sized court to cover. There’s no way any of the world class ladies would get near the top 1000 at either singles or doubles.

    Tai Zu Yin, arguably the best ladies singles player who has ever lived, just about held her own against an amateur Chinese mens’ regional champ, and she even had a 7 point head start in every game due to handicapping. It was an Olympics practice and he often looks like he’s just playing the game for fun as here.

    However, Badminton is probably the best racket sport for kids to learn because at good amateur level it does not require size and strength to play well. You can win with skill, clever tactics and good shot selection. I have been beaten by county kids who are young and small but just play the game really well.

  2. It’s bizarre that this is even disputed.

    The fastest time over 100m for a woman is 10.49 secs (and by a long way)

    Which is the same speed as the world’s best 14 year old boy

    if we look at the records for men and women in weightlifting, the female world record holder in the 87+ kilo category Li Wenwen is the same as the men’s sub 67 kilo category.

  3. I suppose some of the hormone blocked teenies coming through in comparison will be less contentious, but there’s bound still to be differences, and if those differences confer advantage then the controversy is not going away.

  4. The trans problem is always the same. Malignant misogynistic mentalism. There’s a ‘trans woman’ who writes in the Spectator, who is unusual in that she makes no claim to be anything other than biologically male. For that, I’m happy to use her preferred pronouns. There’s various global subcultures, most of which seem to derive from conservative societies trying to accommodate gays.

    The rest are either mentalists who genuinely believe they are ladies who’ve been allocated the wrong parts or the far larger and more dangerous group of narcissistic perverts, filled with hate for real women. The mad progressive types at Vox etc who promote this shit are also not too fond of/able to cope with real women either. Meanwhile, the few ‘trans men’ are desperately unhappy (and not terribly militant) cases who reject their femininity, thanks to the bullshit clown world in which we live.

    The best solution to the trans lobby would be a raid on all their hard drives. Except they’d then end up in a women’s prison.

    Honkety honk, as Bertie W. might have said.

  5. Logically, if men are from Mars, and women are from Venus, transgenderites must be from somewhere orbiting Uranus.

    However, it’s also a scientific fact that God made us male and female, and gave us dominion over the Earth and all of the beasts in it (except wasps, the flying cunts).

    Therefore, instead of crying and lying about things men and women do on our planet, they should get their own, and take the fucking wasps with them.

  6. …and would think it murder to insist that it doesn’t in boxing.

    Watch the fight of Fallon Fox (one of the heshes) fighting a woman in UFC.
    Ended up with the last getting a cracked skull.

    The woman looks like she’s punching a stone statue for all the effect it has, and then heshe knees her in the head once.

  7. Bloke in China

    Very good.

    So good I’m going to use it and claim it as my own.

    Same goes for Steve’s Uranus

  8. Dear Mr Worstall

    Usual biased misreporting.

    No place for men in women’s sport, just as identifying as a pineapple doesn’t guarantee a place on Carmen Miranda’s hat.

    I would consider that the matter is in the hands of sports governing bodies, rather than lawmakers. They do ban all sorts of things, or specify limits. I understand golf balls must conform to a lower spec than can now be achieved, otherwise all golf courses would have to be made longer. Likewise limits on the blades that disabled runners can use. In olden times the butterfly stroke complied with the definition of breast stroke and swept the board, so it was sensibly given its own class. I heard that the Fosbury Flop would have been banned if the governing body knew about it before Fosbury used it competitively in the 1968 Olympics – this was mentioned in relation to a new technique which was banned before it made it onto the sports field – can’t remember what though. Allegedly Fosbury practiced in secret, presumably to keep his advantage; avoiding a ban was probably incidental.

    @ Andrew C March 25, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    “Same goes for Uranus, Steve.”

    There, fixed that for you.


  9. “the butterfly stroke complied with the definition of breast stroke and swept the board, so it was sensibly given its own class”

    The sensible thing to do is consolidate it all into freestyle, where you can use any stroke.

  10. If the trans twats get their way then women will stop playing sport and the trans twats still won’t be able to play at women’s sport.

    Ending women’s sport (and every other women only zone) is the trans twat’s sport. Being transgressive is their being.

  11. Ex badminton player here who used to play in mixed contests, hell yes it would make a difference! Badminton relies of a combination of strength, speed, and extremely fast reflexes… Kind of like tennis, but everything happens on a much quicker scale. Its hard to imagine any sport where it doesn’t matter what sex you are…. I dunno, archery, shooting, or bowls? If males aren’t vastly superior then females are (eg sports based on flexibility and agility)

  12. Dear Hallowed Be @ March 26, 2021 at 10:02 am

    “the butterfly stroke complied with the definition of breast stroke and swept the board, so it was sensibly given its own class”

    The sensible thing to do is consolidate it all into freestyle, where you can use any stroke.

    There already is a freestyle race. All competitors use the crawl, or front crawl, at least they do if they want to win.

    For fun there is a medley or medley relay race comprising all four strokes, by a single swimmer or a team of four. I’ll leave you to work out which stroke has to start a medley race.


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