Such lovely language

Byun, formerly a staff sergeant, enlisted voluntarily in 2017 and went on to have gender confirmation surgery in 2019 in Thailand.

The defence ministry classified her loss of male genitals as a mental or physical handicap…

It’s not so much the second line there but the first. There’s so much weight on that word “confirmation” there, isn’t there? How can anyone object to a nip and a tuck that confirms? As opposed to changes?

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  1. Staff sergeant?

    “Right, lads, some of you might have noticed that I’m a bit different after my holiday. Any sniggering and I’ll have the whole bloomin’ lot of you on a charge!”

  2. ““I’m a soldier of the Republic of Korea,” she said, her voice breaking. ”

    At 23, I’d have thought that happened a few years previously.

    Died of suicide after a previous attempt. Happy bunch, these female impersonators. (a bit too far I think – Tim)

  3. @BiS – there seems to be 2 types. The first, like this Korean lad, are tragic cases whose mental illness is exploited by the medical profession and who frequently end their unhappy lives.

    The second type, personified by our porky chum, are simply narcissistic perverts who get off on the idea of themselves as women and on the disgust they provoke. This lot love themselves and their misogynistic hobbies far too much to do the rest of us a favour.

    The best way to deal with them would be to check their hard drives.

  4. I know, and to make such of P³ wouldn’t have me muttering at all. But of those we all already agree are mentally, umm, fragile, just produces a certain unease in me.

  5. I’d be inclined to think the opposite. There’s ample evidence of mental fragility lurking in Ely. Not surprising. He’s a serial failure. Wouldn’t surprise me the least if he laid his head on the tracks of his model railway. Not saying I wouldn’t move the handle on the controller to express speed forward, avoid him making a clutz of that as well. Other one, reckon you could strike matches on his vulnerability. Like a lot of them he’s a manipulative cnvt, at the moment got the world right where he wants it. Dancing to his tune.

  6. I see his moniker was Byun Hee-soo before his op.
    Does that mean the name should now be Byun Shee-soo?

  7. “gender confirmation surgery” is a Hell of a euphemism. Up there with “family planning” and “racial hygiene”.

    I don’t recommend you Google the stories of people who’ve been put through this unless you have a particularly strong stomach, but it reminds me of a Ray Bradbury story about a man who is tricked into having his skeleton removed.

    Turning the corner for home, Clarisse almost runs into a little man crunching on a long white confection, darting his odd tongue inside to suck out filling. She hurries to her door, walks to the living room and stares at the floor, trying to understand. Then she screams.

    Outside the little man pierces his white stick, crafting a flute on which to accompany Clarisse’s “singing.”

    As a girl she often stepped on jellyfish on the beach. It’s not so bad to find an intact jellyfish in one’s living room. One can step back.

    But when the jellyfish calls you by name…

    It’s not healthcare at all, it’s the opposite of that. Perfectly healthy bodies are sliced, torn, twisted and mutilated into a serial killer’s parody of human flesh, a permanent wound that radiates agony.

    Lions, my friends. Lions with flamethrowers at dawn.

  8. (a bit too far I think – Tim)

    Wrong Tim. Free speech and too Hell with consequences. I’m sorry for the troubled–but not that sorry.

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