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That’s an interesting meaning of diversity

The CAB has previously criticised Pride in London for not being inclusive enough, with Stonewall pulling out of the parade in 2018 because of the event’s perceived lack of diversity.

The mass resignation follows Pride in London’s decision to allow the Metropolitan police to apply to take part in the procession at the annual parade, following calls to ban them at the height of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests. During deliberations, the CAB recommended in a report that the police not be allowed to march as a group in the parade.

We must be diverse by insisting that folks who are different cannot take part?

11 thoughts on “That’s an interesting meaning of diversity”

  1. Why am I paying coppers to mince about in sodomy strolls anyway? I thought they were supposed to be horribly underfunded and stretched too thin to catch criminals, but they’ve got time to prance around with leather daddies juggling day-glo dildos?

    It is our view that Pride in London has acted less as custodians of a sacred event

    And people still don’t understand why God went Biblical on Gomorrah and the other place.

    Celebrating the belief that the anus is a sex gland is now a sacred event. Ecce homo!

  2. Fucking plod should not be involved officially, in uniform or not, in any non-duty activities – full fucking stop. Their only involvement in “Pride in London” should be policing the streets.

    As off-duty individuals they should be free to engage in legal activities, be it campaigning for arse sex or for reducing immigration.

  3. The so-called CAB has no business saying that police officers cannot march in gay pride events.

    That’s the job of the Commissioner.

  4. I’m on the Exec of my local branch of a political party. I responded to HQ’s entreaties on increasing diversity by pointing out that I’m boosting their diversity stats by being a Brexit supporter.

  5. They did the same here, banned police from marching.
    I’d love to see the police commissioner turn around and issue an order that serving officers cannot March in Pride in uniform and see the howls of discrimination and wailing of the left about the gay-bashing police.

  6. What’s the point of these “pride” events nowadays? OK, years ago it took guts to “come out” and not that many years earlier it was still illegal, but now?? About the only sexual proclivity that garners approbium is being “straight” FFS! Really, it’s time that the “alphabet brigade” copped-on to the fact that your sexuality doesn’t make you special.

  7. Bit of a problem ‘diversity’ at Pride marches isn’t it? Given that lot of the Left’s usual ethnic ‘diverse’ pet groups hate gays with a passion, to the extent of happily throwing them off buildings. Middle aged men trolling around in leather trouser with no arse in them or dressing up in frocks and pretending to be a ‘lady’ are hideously white pastimes……….

  8. Did like the line in Sense8 where an artist concerned that their new piece of work for Pride might be too dark and an older man turned round and said don’t worry in the 80’s Pride in SF was more like a funeral procession….how soon the young forget what achievements and suffering have been incurred have been made before they even turned up

  9. ‘Really, it’s time that the “alphabet brigade” copped-on to the fact that your sexuality doesn’t make you special.’

    But BJ, would they bother about it if they didn’t think it showed how suave and sophisticated they were?

  10. @Boganboy…

    I dunno… Somehow my idea of “suave and sophisticated” doesn’t equate to looking like you’ve been dressed as a result of a major explosion in a tart’s handbag.

    YMMV 🙂

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