The Times has gone mad

This is from a list of he best places to live in the UK:

Our overall winner

Stroud? Dear God, we’re trying to have the industrial suburb of the Forest of Dean hailed as a decent place to live? Where those too stupid for Twerton get allocated their council housing?

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  1. No sea. Pah!

    I can confirm that North Berwick is a lovely spot though at my age I’d be so choosey as to insist on a view of the sea to the south rather than the north. That way you live in an ambience of reflected light. ‘sluvly.

    Best of all you also want hills behind you and a view over the sea to some mountains.

    Which failing, may I just say New Forest. Yum, yum. If you’re very well off you could combine the Forest and the southerly sea exposure by choosing adroitly within Lymington.

    Of course if you want city living the choice would be Edinburgh, if only the Scotnaz could be got rid of.

  2. He doesn’t really understand what a company is, does he? It’s simply individuals combining in an enterprise. Some may work in & for the company. Some may provide the company’s capital. But they’re all individuals. Companies are just a legal fiction. A company can’t benefit from what government provides. It’s just words on a page. The benefits go to individual & groups of individuals. He’s just saying some groups of individuals should be taxed more than other groups of individuals.

  3. Do people really care that much about having a load of microbreweries and sourdough bakers? That and various sorts of ecotwattery are all that there is in Stroud. And no, the transport links suck. The M5 or a slow train to Swindon.

    It’s like Chippenham but with a lot more hippies.

  4. Ely can be ever so fecking cold and wet and floody in January, when Times journos refuse to venture out of London

  5. Stroud? Has whoever wrote this list ever been there? It’s a fucking shithole(*). And not improved in more recent years by being infested by fucking ecotwats.

    * I speak with some authority, having grown up within a handful of miles of Stroud.

  6. Cider with Rosie bloke is a mile or three further up the valley in Slad. This is the sort of area it is. The industrial mill town (water mills) that drew in the inbred yokels. Then died for two centuries as coal replaced water to drive mills.

  7. If you read the piece it does say that most of the people who say Stroud is awesome actually live in surrounding villages, most of which are awesome. I live in one of them, so I can confirm.

    The Woolpack at Slad is a truly great pub – there are lots of them round here to enjoy (when they’re fucking open).

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I have a very good friend who lives in Brockenhurst. He’s seriously thinking of moving to Lymington – cheaper housing and he still gets the benefit of the New Forest.

  9. @BlokeontheM4

    That bit of the M5 is at the better end of the UK motorway network. It isn’t desperately overloaded, and its not yet been covered in cameras in the name of “smartness” so one can generally roll along at 80-85mph pretty undisturbed. Ten years ago, that was most of the UK motorway network, but it feels rare now.

    I drive Derbyshire to Radstock and back in a day a couple of times a month, the M5 south of the M42 is the best bit by a long chalk, particularly since they trashed the entire M6 from the M56 to Birmingham.

  10. We spent a week in a holiday cottage over the hill from Slad near Painswick a few years ago. Not really impressed with Stroud though, and I’m not sure I would want to live in its surroundings, nice though the countryside is.

    Yes, the M5 is OK at that point, but it can deteriorate badly after Almondsbury. That’s one of our routes to family in Devon if the M25 is completely fucked up.

  11. Staying with a friend who lived in Stroud, was told of a young, Stroud, man who told his parents he wanted to marry a local girl, explaining that, amongst her other attractive features, was still a virgin. His father told him he couldn’t marry the girl as, if she’s not good enough for her own family, she’s not good enough for theirs.

  12. Not sure Mr. Worstall’s geography’s much cop. Stroud’s the other side of the Severn to the Forest of Dean, perched on the Cotswold escarpment. Having said that, as one who, living in Tetbury, knows it pretty well, I can vouch for it being a traffic-riddled, “hippy”*infested scabby shit-hole.
    *I use the term “hippy” loosely. Many are just down and out wankers who think they’re living in a ’60s version of Greenwich Village.
    As someone else said, it can only be the case that the Times has never been near it. Wanky stalls selling “far out man” crap, joss-sticks (oooh!) and expensive micro-brewers and “specialist” goods.
    Extinction Rebellion’s based there-that’s all you need to know.

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