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There are costs and benefits to everything – including the green transport revolution

Just a little reminder that there are costs everywhere:

The family of a man who died after an ambulance was delayed by road closures introduced as part of Grant Shapps’s “green transport revolution” has warned others will perish if emergency services are barred full access to streets.

The South Central Ambulance Service has launched an investigation after a crew struggled to reach a dying pensioner because its route was blocked by a bollard and two planters.

The “fixed bollard” in Cowley, Oxfordshire, is one of three barricades in the area which paramedics cannot unlock or collapse to drive past. It means emergency services have to rely on up to date satellite navigation systems to route them around the new barriers.

There are benefits, of course there are. Lower emissions in these areas for example. Less traffic noise. But everything also comes with costs. So, how many dead pensioners equals lower traffic noise?

Sure, that’s a crude question to ask. But it is the right one. As with everything else we’re looking for the optimal trade off of costs and benefits.

Sure, it’s lovely that we have more government to take care of stuff. But what’s the cost of the taxation to have it? No climate change would be nice but how many would die from not using fossil fuels?

Or, as economics keeps telling us, there are no solutions, only trade offs.

12 thoughts on “There are costs and benefits to everything – including the green transport revolution”

  1. Well yes. That’s one of the main reasons I dislike the Greenery. I’ve always anticipated that I’d be one of the trade-offs.

  2. No climate change would be nice? Why? Is the climate as it is now absolutely perfect, or so optimal that any change, warmer, colder, wetter or drier, would make it worse in some way? There has never been a time in the Earth’s entire history when the climate has not changed and ruinously expensive reductions in CO2 emissions won’t change that. The idea that we can stabilise the ever changing climate is absurd.

  3. Blocking roads and the subsequent inconveniences to essential services, delivery vehicles and the individual are a temporary measure. In the great glorious reset there will be fewer of us to complain.

  4. The biggest problem is that the costs fall on us and never the politicians, the benefits often go to the politicians and rarely to us.

  5. The EU established air pollution standards to which we still cling. They allow busybodies to take the Government to court if the standards are breached. There were/are no EU standards for avoiding deaths caused by air pollution mitigation measures.

  6. As someone with childhood memories of the great London smogs, what f***ing pollution? You can still see your feet, can’t you?

  7. Piss on green everything.

    Be aware that Johnson plans to flop ord folk=most of us–lower than whaleshit.

    Windwank leccy at 4x price/no air travel or cars for plebs–all in his plan if not globo elite shit.

    Johnson is a bungler but I think he now realises that posturing as vax saviour wont save him. If panic stops then people start thinking about 50-200 thou LD deaths–of which the bloke in the Ambulance counts as one. Then goodbye Bogus Johnson

    So he plans to keep LD on while transitioning to green police-state. Maybe part of great reset maybe his own Bluemarxist eco-shite helped on by Woko Ohno’s squeezing his dick so to speak.

    Can he get away with it? Well mugs on here who should know far better have been helping him with the vax passort to social credit tyranny bit so maybe .

  8. Funny thing about Cowley. As seen here, it hates cars. Wanna guess the business of the biggest employer (and probably ratepayer) this last 100 years?

  9. The real point of these low traffic neighbourhoods is to shift traffic from posh roads by closing them to vehicles and, thereby ensuring that all traffic flows past the houses of your class enemies. A few casualties as when ambulances and Ocado drivers get stuck are just collateral damage

  10. “Lower emissions in these areas for example. Less traffic noise”

    But these stupid restrictions simply move it to the surrounding area, where it will be exacerbated thanks to more snarl-ups. And, unless there is absolutely NO wind blowing, emissions will gradually disperse in any case…

  11. Bloke in China (Germany province)

    Some of the streets in Blokestadt are also protected from the vehicles of the peasantry. They are, to be fair, barricaded with gates that a fire engine or ambulance will just drive at, and through, when needed, which has the admirable side-effect of creating work for people who repair gates and for people who repair ambulance fenders.

    And the better connected peasants, those in particular classes, especially green-minded state employees, have secured themselves keys to said gates.

  12. There was a UK Council-scum fad for putting lockable gates on backstreets a few years back. Residents to have keys etc. On the premise that yobbo action was thus curtailed. The scummy little fad seems to have died the death for now. Prob cos too many mug residents lost their keys or got copies cut. But it occurs that with the shite smartphone cult it would be all too easy to divide urban UK into gated zones that you cant get into if your social credit score is not high enough or of the right kind.

    Seeing what low vax-crawling cowardly trash most of UK pop is –why not? They have swallowed vast amounts of shite from the Bogus Johnson gang already. I see few practical limits to their tyranny beyond the fact that a number of millions of us wont comply.

    At Xmas 19 few people would have dreamed that Bogus Blojob and the worlds so-called “democratic , free-world ” political shite could have h got away with what they have.

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