There is a point of idiocy at which we tell ’em to bugger off

The last half-century may be considered the age of fitness, and it is no accident that it coincides with the age of neoliberalism,” Martschukat writes. “Rather than a generalizing call to arms, here neoliberalism denotes an epoch that has modeled itself on the market, interprets every situation as a competitive struggle and enjoins people to make productive use of their freedom.”

Umm, yeah, right. It’s the classical liberals – not, in any manner, the socialists, at all – who have had the population out in the streets doing physical jerks, right?

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  1. Under true Socialism the peasants will get fit where they belong – labouring in the fields for their masters.

  2. Yawn, more mentalist word salad from Salon.

    Although, I remember reading Salon quite regularly in… the early noughties I suppose, when I was a young media type working in Soho, and I quite enjoyed it. I was probably a tad more liberal (not in the USian sense) then, but I still don’t remember it being even slightly as deranged as it is today.

    When did American liberals go mad? I don’t think it was Trump, they must have been mad already.

  3. MC,

    Knocking around what was then just called Usenet (the Internet being a vague text-only concept known only to those willing to fiddle with modems, install software like KA9Q and so on – MIME-encrypted images and video existed, but were prohibitively slow to download at 14,400 bits per second) in the mid to late 1990s, there was serious Clinton Derangement Syndrome going on in the US, with all manner of lunacy being advanced beyond Slick Willy’s known misdeeds; he wasn’t just a serial philanderer (possibly playing fast and loose with consent issues) but a serial killer responsible for dozens, scores, hundreds of covered-up murders, and a traitor who was bringing North Korean commandos into secret bases in the US ready to be flown (in black helicopters, of course) to occupy the US in a Red Dawn-style surrender to the Zionist Occupation Government.

    All his myriad misdeeds were of course covered up by a compliant Establishment, or distracted from by “drive-by TLAMing” of trivially unimportant actors like some Saudi fellow called Osama who was hiding out in Afghanistan at the time – clearly and obviously a “Wag the Dog” style lie, how could a Saudi extremist in Afghanistan pose the least threat to the US?

    Not to be outdone, when Bush Jr. won the election (by now the Internet had graphics and the World Wide Web was something you could click your way around, albeit still only at 56kbs) we were treated to similar liberal lunacy about his faked service record (an undistinguished USAF Reserve spell, flying the not-that-safe F-102 Delta Dagger, before he left to do full-time politics – apparently even that was riddled with holes and inconsistencies), his lack of mental capacity, his corruption and ineptitude and general uselessness.

    Of course, since Osama bin Laden had been no threat at all to the US in 1998, the events of September 11 2001 were entirely predictable and All Bush’s Fault and his reactions were hopelessly wrong (and anyway the US imperialists deserved it) and we had years of being harangued about how George Dubya BU$$$H was only in Afghanistan and Iraq to build a huge pipeline from nowhere to nowhere in order to corner the world market in oil (or something) which detracted badly from the seriously flawed notion of trying to do opposed nation-building in either of those countries.

    Obama – he who of course was actually a Wahabbi Muslim sleeper agent bent on destroying the US – was, of course, the most evil and destructive President since… the last Democrat president, who confiscated everyone’s AR-47 assault guns in order to introduce murderous tyranny and did divers other dreadful things that destroyed the US.

    And by then we were in the groove that for each side, their Chosen One was perfect, infallible and unquestionably wonderful with any dissent or doubt being treasonous, while any President from the opposing party was worse than a very, very bad thing.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t actually leading to some gridlocked and ineffectual government (and not even always in a good way)

  4. Lynch–you are as full of it as anybody else. Billy Boy Clinton’s North Korean commandoes may be bollocks–but it is the kind of bollocks floated by deep state shite to attempt to discredit far more credible scenarios. Both Bill and his cunt of a wife are surrounded by 100+ dodgy deaths that it would be tedious to detail. They are certainly massive thieves and financial crooks +big time charity scammers and leftist foes of their own nation. Besides which Clinton has form for sexual assault –his first known victim being a British girl while he was over here at Uni draft-dodging.

    W of the Bush /Clinton crime family was a drunk and druggie –covered up by his handlers and a sly agent of tyranny with his Patriot Act shite. And of course the magic 3 towers that all collapse after only 2 of them are hit.

    And Obama–not a mossie sleeper you say? Why then were all his fucking records sealed? And he was involved in a massive number of scummy capers and frauds rivalling the 105 scandals of UK ‘s New Labour. Again it would be tedious to detail these at length. A few highlights being his creature Holder’s Fast/Furious attempted false flag capers and the endless lies of ObamaMalice–sorry-CARE. And his minor sideshows like Urban Homesteading = moving black inner city black crims to nice subsidised houses in nice white suburbs so they could practice crime and set up crack houses unmolested by the police. While terrorising Whitey knowing that any reprisals against black crime would bring federal thugs galore down on the would-be home defenders.

    And of course then we get to Epstein and his oh-so-not-bogus demise. And the election stealing senile.

    With all that computer savvy Lynch it is a shame you are still a gullible mug.

  5. “When did American liberals go mad? ”

    Not just americans.. It’s a disease that’s hung around Europe since I can remember as well. And it predates that for sure.
    The “Liberal Left” has always harboured as many nutcases as the “extreme right”, but instead of dogged violence against the right’s chosen scapegoat they tend to go for conspiracies of “the Man” against their wholly Enlightened and Just Ideals.

    Thing is that in the 80’s and 90’s, before the internet, the madness was at least more or less contained locally in pubs, squats, and the odd “rally” ( aka. piss-up ), with the most prolific groups able to put up some form of “campaign” with the aid of a stencilling machine. With only the most hardcore nutters actually being “activists”.
    Definitely not different from the 60’s and 70’s, and that harking back to the Bolschewick tactics of the ’20’s and ’30’s, and that….

    Quite a lot of them did Social Studies or Journalism in my run at Uni in the early 90’s ( I don’t think the situation was much different in the UK, judging from my walkabouts there at the time) , and I think we can easily see the result of that nowadays, since they sussed out that the Revolution could be messy, but not if you control the Media to “re-educate” the Sheep masses.

    Which would have been a Long term Project, if the Internet hadn’t happpened, and the traditional media lost out against instant messaging, and later “Social media” when it comes to “crowd control”.
    Much wider audience for far less work, requiring hardly any investment… And the “Left” was primed to seize the opportunity, and did… It solves their propaganda problem quite nicely. Especially since their professional voices were already in Media, and had virtually no opposition from the more conservative majority in the business.

    So now there’s control of at least part of the Official Media, with an absolutely lovely set of worldwide echo wells that can be quite easily manipulated with padded accounts doing Loud Shouting, with said Official Media giving exclusive preferential attention to those “sources”, skipping the “relevance” part of Journalism that ought to be a touchstone.

    The only saving grace we have is that Activism is like Religion: There can be only One True God/Interpretation, so eventually any form of organisation will tear itself apart over Doctrine.
    The only question is how much damage is done before that happpens.

  6. MC
    March 31, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    . . .

    When did American liberals go mad? I don’t think it was Trump, they must have been mad already.

    Looking back, it really seems as if the turn of the century turned everyone mad.

    2010 was the real turning point. That’s when the segregationists came back to power in the US – in the form of *minorities* now demanding ‘separate but equal’ and when the UK started arresting people for saying unpopular things.

  7. Why is a trend towards a proportion of the population wanting to get and stay fit have to be a classical liberal or left wing conspiracy? For most people it’s just a personal thing, a moderate amount of physical activity makes you look and feel better.

  8. “When did American liberals go mad? ”

    For me it was when they realised they were the system they had been railing against. They now control the MSM, education (at all levels), previously respected NGOs (ACLU anyone ?), and government. No longer having to fight “the man”, they were “the man” and needed even more exotic windmills to tilt against.

  9. @Jason Lynch – that ‘there all as bad as each other’ line doesn’t wash, I’m afraid.

    There is a significant loony fringe on the American right but the liberal madness is 100% in the mainstream.

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