They’re killing people to prove me wrong!

Every single action this government takes is for one reason only, and that is to reduce the rate of money creation that it has to undertake within the UK economy. Note I do not say borrowing, because there has been almost none of that in the least year. The precise figures can be argued over and largely depends on timing, but it is likely that more than 90% of all Covid costs and the resulting deficits have been paid for by money creation. And such is the irrational fear of this process, which those in the Treasury claim not to understand, that the government is willing to sacrifice tens of thousands of lives rather than use the capacity that the state has to get things right using he power it has to create money, when getting things right would be putting in place the measures needed to tackle this virus on a timely basis.

It could sometimes be argued that debate on economics is without consequence, because a great deal of it speculates on what might be with little chance of influencing the outcome. But in this case economics does have a consequence. Government debt paranoia is leading to the early deaths of tens of thousands of people in a way that is wholly unnecessary if only we realised that the option to act appropriately exists, and that the measures to make our society a lot more safe could be taken.

All the money that is needed to beat coronavirus is available.

What is lacking is the will to use it. Setting acceptable death tolls is easier.

The result will, however, be a third wave and even more government support for the economy being required very soon because the right steps to ensure public health were not taken soon enough.

And that’s what’s really annoying about this. All of this could have been avoided by a government really willing to tackle the issues and not just its symptoms, but they weren’t. One day, maybe this time, I hope we hold them to account for that.

That really is what is being said. The entire government policy is to try and prove that Richard Murphy is wrong.

32 thoughts on “They’re killing people to prove me wrong!”

  1. Every action Blojerk and his gang take is to take more power to themselves.

    Much as I despise socialist scum, after 12 months of Bogus Johnson’s costumed thug squads abusing UK public and bashing peaceful protesters who just want their lives back,it was not at all unwelcome to see Mr Scumbag Plod get some of his own medicine back.

    And someone on twitter claims that the registration number of at least one burned cop car has an MOT that ran out last Jan. Which means it was a junker that Plod fired themselves or put in harms way hoping it would be burned. Shame the cheapo scamsters were too greedy to do the job properly.

    Even that vile cow Ash Sakar was talking sense on the BBC about the unacceptability of an Act that makes one man placard protest a criminal offence.

    While the BBC cunts were bringing out dickheads from South Yorks squealing about water cannons and more power for Plod.

    This is how Hitler did the job people. But all those law and order krauts got rather too much law and later on a shitload of death and misery as the wages of their stupidity. Not to mention all the respectable German females who ended up with a heaping helping of Soviet dick as their pay off for kissing the state’s arse.

    The Bristol Antifa whatever scum have shown that not taking Plod -crap can get results. Much as I loathe socialism I think they are likely right that unless we become fighters on every level Bogus Johnson IS going to turn UK into a police state. He seems to be getting away with his shit. If you can get mugs to swallow vax-shite =your freedom back and in the next breath tell them 5 grand fine for going abroad–then seems to me UK cowardly clapping seals are fucked.

    Lots of dim seals on this blog. Still think vax shite is going to get your life back for you?

  2. “And that’s what’s really annoying about this.” A better example of bathos I never expect to see,

  3. The bugger is mad. You’re poking him with a stick.

    Surely you can find someone who provides better grounds for your ire?

  4. Does he clarify what the issues are that the Government should have been paying attention to? On the other hand, it does look as if he is on crystal meth today

  5. So what’s the plan Ecks?

    Who do we vote for? (If it’s not too late…)
    Who do we rally behind?

    You generate a lot of invective, but not much in the way of strategy beyond “fight plod”.
    If I fight plod on my own, I’m screwed. So it would require a coordinated movement. Which I don’t see happening…

    Personally, I suspect a better idea is to plan an exit strategy. Have another country to move to, somewhere less susceptible to the lefty nonsense and ride it out there.

  6. ChernyyD

    Ummm – I don’t see many countries which are both relatively civilised AND immune to lefty nonsense.

    A shortlist would be wonderful!

  7. Bloke in Tejas

    Depends how you define civilised…

    You have to look to the East, away from the West (which is dying).
    Near to Europe, you have the Eastern European countries – think Poland, Hungary, places where Orthodox Christianity is still strong. There’s still a bit of lefty there, but it isn’t prevalent among the majority. If you’re skilled, you can have a reasonable standard of living.
    Most places that have experience of Communism in living memory are not as enamored with the ideas.

    There’s Japan. Not much lefty nonsense there. But accordingly, not too happy to let just anyone in.

    I don’t know much about S.America so couldn’t say where, if anywhere, there is safe and civilised.

    Just speaking from my experiences with these places YMMV.
    Helps to learn the local language.

  8. Yeah, double the amount of tenners available and BAME! we double the amount of nurses available. I’d never have thought of that before.

  9. BlokeinTexas and Chernyy Drakon raise a good point.

    from my perceptive, the UK is looking an increasingly unattractive place to live in. In a decade or so I’ll be thinking of retiring by which time I should have what I consider to be a modest sum of money to live off during my retirement. But increasingly, I think that by then the amount I have will put me in the category of ‘evil wealthy exploiter’ and so the target of some ‘fair’ redistribution policy for ‘equality’ and ‘justice’.

    I’d like to leave the UK. But where to go?

    It needs to be free of lefty woke nonsense, have low taxes and fit birds.

  10. “I’d like to leave the UK. But where to go?

    It needs to be free of lefty woke nonsense, have low taxes and fit birds.”

    Probably, by then, Belarus.

  11. There isn’t anywhere you can run to. Same shite is being pushed e’where.

    What you can do is resist. It isn’t that Blojob is strong but that people are weak. No masks/no tests/no vax and bollocks to “compulsory”. The best time to physically fight Plod is if they try to arrest you for not taking the shit–there will be millions of us and their admin isn’t up to organising it never mind taking the fists in their fucking faces. What you can do is no masks/ no tests/no vax ever. The state is not invincible and the ruined econ will come to be Johnson’s banker when the time comes to cash in his chips. Venezuela couldn’t print its way out and neither can Spewknack.

    Blowjerk is trying to brass it out. Tell him to fuck off and hold the line.

    I wish shops and businesses would open up and stop committing suicide. But we cant make that happen–just show guts and do what you can.

    And don’t be mug enough to get jabbed cos you or your missus want a foreign holiday. That Blojob wasn’t going to let you have one was as obvious as daybreak. Once you show yellow the cunts will own you-not give in to you.

  12. I must admit it’s been a while since I read ‘Mein Kampf’ but I don’t recall Hitler claiming to be as much of a polymath as Murphy. Not only does he gage a peerless understanding of economics and finance, as well as politics but he’s an expert in pandemic management. Is there no limit to his knowledge?

  13. My theory that he is living as if he is Tony Hancock seems to be coming truer with each day that passes. Expect him to march up to Ely General and tell the staff that he has a cure for Covid-19

  14. Ecksy, on antifa, there is an interesting vox pop doing the rounds in Germany, from the weekend protest in Kassel.

    “Those antifa, they’re cops. Yep. I am sure, cos it’s the same squad that arrested me in Munich last week. They are here as antifa counter protesters!”

  15. And it is clear we really do need a pan European, pan global even, single issue party more than ever. One that will get into power, constitutionally ban this shit forever, then resign and let normal stuff happen again.

    Brexit was surely less important than this. This is a watershed moment for not only Liberal democracy but for western civilisation.

  16. ‘The entire government policy is to try and prove that Richard Murphy is wrong.’

    I didn’t think anyone else had an ego as big as mine!!!

  17. A lot of you POMs that moved to Perth, Western Australia just voted back in a bourgeois socialist who locked them up with prejudice and locked the rest of the country out.

  18. “peerless understanding of economics and finance”

    ITYM an understandingless peer at economics and finance 🙂

  19. Can someone explain to me how the two following statements that are being hurled at us by our Supreme Overlords can be reconciled:

    ‘The vaccines are highly effective against CV and we will have vaccinated the majority of the country by June’


    ‘There’s definitely going to be a third wave’

    Cos I’m struggling……………..

  20. Not that I’m an expert but apparently the ‘mutant strain’ that’s doing all the damage over in mainland Europe is the B117 strain. A.k.a. the ‘Kent’ strain.

    Is there a clue in the name? ‘Kent’. It was first discovered here. We’ve got it. We’ve had it. Despite this, our cases, hospitalisations and deaths are plummeting.

    Which kind-of suggests our vaccination programme is doing a good job of containing it.

  21. @ Jim
    Third wave in Europe which will be “lapping at our shores”, because human beings are variable so vaccine doesn’t work on everyone. A 90% efficacy rate would be wonderful but, even ignoring refuseniks, still leave nearly seven million vulnerable to infection. Add in refuseniks and we’ve got around ten million vulnerable to Europe’s Third Wave.
    I am no fan of Boris but he is probably telling the truth.

  22. A 90% efficacy rate would be wonderful but, even ignoring refuseniks, still leave nearly seven million vulnerable to infection. Add in refuseniks and we’ve got around ten million vulnerable to Europe’s Third Wave.

    Don’t forget that the virus still has to find those vulnerable to infect them. If 9 in 10 of the people it meets has high immunity, then it’s going to have a hard time spreading (assuming asymptomatic transmission is discounted: all the reports I’ve seen suggest we don’t have much to worry about there).

    And 90% is far higher than the estimates needed for herd immunity to kick in.

  23. Massive Twitter exchange between Wrong-Lewis and Tony Yates on the excess deaths “deliberately” caused by those “evil” Tories. Strangely enough, they don’t do any comparisons with other European countries. Nor do they really explain what the “better” lefty-twat policies would have been. Is that because the opposition only wanted MOAR lockdown? Just as Auberon Waugh thought it was just as evocative to call Peter Sutcliffe “the Yorkshire”, we should just call twats in general “Lefties”.

  24. “Don’t forget that the virus still has to find those vulnerable to infect them. If 9 in 10 of the people it meets has high immunity, then it’s going to have a hard time spreading (assuming asymptomatic transmission is discounted: all the reports I’ve seen suggest we don’t have much to worry about there).”

    Precisely. If vaccination of (say) 90% of the population with a 90% efficient (ie 80% of the population are functionally immune)vaccine isn’t going to prevent a ‘third wave’ why are we even bothering doing it in the first place? Herd immunity kicks in once about two thirds of the population are immune for one reason or another. Given a) lots of people have had it, so have natural immunity, b) lots of people are naturally immune anyway and c)90% of everyone will have had the vaccine by summer, how on earth could a third wave a) get going and b) result in anything more than a few people getting sick for a week or so? The vaccine is supposed to be 100% efficient at preventing hospitalisation, right? Thats what they keep saying. So what if one of these ‘new variants’ starts circulating, it can’t actually harm many people, and anyone it does harm will be the people who have chosen not to have the vaccine, so thats down to them.

    Or on the other hand the vaccine is just sugar water and its all a lie to try and undo the scare tactics of the last year. That would explain why they’re so scared of ‘third waves’ etc, they know the vaccines are useless.

    Or (and more likely) they just don’t want to give up all the controls so the scare tactics will continue despite all the vaccination in order to justify the continued existence of the controls.

  25. John 77-Just horseshit. We have been hearing this “mass death in 2 weeks” cockrot since last March and we are still waiting.

    The 3rd wave is as big a load of lying shite as the 1st two.

    Check out the legion of FOI requests from Health Authorities for the numbers of healthy patients who have died from c19 alone since last March. “5 or fewer” –is the standard answer. They claim it would be too expensive to be more accurate the lying fuckers. So no more than 5 but it could easily be NONE.

    The teeming masses of India cant be locked down as some millions live on the street. Add in hot climate etc and 10s of millions should be dead if this were what liars and mugs try to claim it is –esp with the “double mutant” shite now being pedalled.

    Not just a nation but a world of prize mugs.

  26. @ Jim
    Yes, *if* we have a closed society then R<<1 will lead to the infection dying out. But we don't have a closed society – after 40+ years of the CAP which was designed to make us import the French surplus of milk and apples and cheese and non-vintage champagne and … we are exposed to imported infections that come with the food and the lorry-drivers. Hence Boris' talk about the "third wave" "lapping our shores".
    Your third paragraph is quite plausible – there are still many Sir Humphreys who believe that they are managing us for our own good but we could still suffer a smaller third wave due to the culpable incompetence and politicking of the EU.
    The 99% reduction in daily deaths since the start of the vaccination campaign is some sort of evidence that it works.

  27. @ Jim
    P.S. How long do you think it will take for us to stop needing to import food from France if we abolish tarriffs on food from the Commonwealth?

  28. John

    It doesn’t need to die out, and won’t. Given sufficient levels of immunity, whether that’s increasingly natural or topped up / supported to whatever extent by “vaccines”, it’ll simply become endemic; we will have to accept that and live with it like we do with other respiratory stuff. The much bigger risk of modern levels of travel and trade is to those countries where it hasn’t already spread widely.

    Jim’s 3rd para – yes, agreed.

    “99% reduction due to vaccines”

    Does the shape of the current reduction curve really look that different to that which took place last spring? Given also that infections were already crashing well before the vacccine program properly got going (and even peaked/started to fall before the start of the January lockdown). After seeing that sudden Dec/Jan spike and more substantially in the south (whereas Oct/Nov was far more prevalent in the north and barely touched the south), I’m not convinced that we understand it as well as we might?

  29. “Does the shape of the current reduction curve really look that different to that which took place last spring?”

    Actually, looking at this one could easily suggest it’s steeper on the descent? And which might be consistent with the vax program starting to have an increasing effect into late Jan / February onwards? (just looking at the shape and ignoring the totals obviously)

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