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This is a bit off for a Times obit

Image on a Times obit:


Hilleary with his wife, Sheena (née Mackintosh), an Olympic skier. The couple married in 1952

What’s the story being told here? His wife was a bike? Rather breaching the nil nisi, no?

3 thoughts on “This is a bit off for a Times obit”

  1. She’s provided a parking station for the bike – muscles like steel, these skiers – but the photo has been cropped for the sake of decency.

  2. Sadly, it’s now been corrected and the caption reads:
    “Hilleary, an irrepressible daredevil, pulls a stunt on a mountain bike at the age of 65”

    The original caption is attached to a more conventional photo taken with his wife. But what a life!

  3. I ‘appen to know one of the folks who subedits those pages and his response was along the lines of “Oh, F**k!”. Which came through an hour or two ago….

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