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This is being a bit cheeky, no?

A City banker is seeking almost £3.4 million in “stigma losses” from French bank BNP Paribas, after claiming that winning a gender discrimination case against the bank has affected her earning potential.

Stacey Macken sued the bank for £4 million in 2019, winning the case after telling an employment tribunal of years of bullying at BNP Paribas, where she was paid less than men in comparable roles.

She’s suing again for the damages caused by the fact that she sued before……

Now Miss Macken, of Fulham, is claiming that winning that case has tarnished her reputation and is seeking a further £3,363,594 from the bank.

One too many bites at that cherry perhaps……

6 thoughts on “This is being a bit cheeky, no?”

  1. Wait ’till you see what she sues them for next time when this time further reduces her earning potential

  2. “The tribunal heard how drunk male colleagues placed a witches’ hat on her desk, and how she was given undesirable roles described as ‘pink’ jobs, while male staffers were given better ‘blue’ roles. ”

    Yeah, I wouldn’t hire this woman. Those guys are kinda assholes, but this stuff generally doesn’t exist in a vacuum. People being cruel to co-workers is generally a response to how those co-workers behave.

  3. Smart woman. Playing the system at Grand Master level and she’s not even black (or claiming to be).

  4. If she’s upset that potential employers type her name into Google and find she’s a gold-digging litigious cunt, who is unpleasant to work with to boot, then why doesn’t she pay the £40 for a deed poll? I’m assuming the chances of getting married and adopting a new surname that way are slim to none.

    Of course, that isn’t as profitable.

  5. Shouldn’t she be suing the tribunal? It was them that gave her the (possibly deserved) negative publicity.

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